All aboard; we’re going underground this summer!

Have you ever wished you could just take a day out of your mundane life and time-warp to a different country for a bit of excitement? Have you ever longingly looked at the travel adverts on TV tempting you with all-inclusive packages to explore the world’s cities, knowing your bank balance would never allow you such indulgences? Search no more, my friend. Just head over to Cape Town city centre for a night out on the town at The Station on Bree. They do London better than the UK. Fish and chips and all.

I only recently crawled out from under my rock and discovered the foodie landing strip that is Bree Street in Cape Town city centre. Loaded with the most delicious bars, restaurants, bakeries and other gourmet hang-outs, this is where a cosmopolitan blend of gourmands come to dine, wine and play. Filled to the brim and humming any day or night of the week, each eatery offers a unique dining experience, whether it’s connoisseur cocktails, freshly baked pastries or tables full of tapas.

The media event

I was over the moon when I was invited to attend The Station on Bree’s Summer Menu Reveal event a couple of weeks ago. Dubbed Cape Town’s first “underground” meeting place, The Station on Bree boasts with a uniquely British themed multi-storied venue with a variety of different stations and platforms located throughout.

I arrived to a flurry of excitement under the giant old wild fig trees. Cape Town’s most loved socialites and foodies were gathered in the sunshine for a media reveal of note. The tree-sheltered sidewalk seating area was transformed into an outdoor wonderland with pop-up wine and gin bars, a London-tube inspired busker playing mellow tunes on his guitar and crisply dressed waiting staff carrying trays of mouth-watering titbits out of the kitchen.

The Station on Bree Live Music

The Station on Bree English Gaurd

The new summer menu

Tray after tray of impressively pretty food kept on coming out of the kitchen.  The menu was very much London-inspired to carry through their signature unpretentious “street food” theme. This filled me with childish glee. I hand-picked my way through Camden chicken strips, spring rolls, Abbey Road poppers (a firm favourite!), Mayfair mozzarella sticks and hummus and tzatziki platters, loaded with plump olives and chunky Mediterranean feta blocks. And just when you thought the waves of food subsided, out came cute take-away boxes of Peri-peri chicken livers and newspaper cones filled with The Station’s signature fries. The food was exquisite; tasty classics served with flair and innovation. Beautifully presented and oh-so-very moreish.

Once I had my fill of the delicious nibbles and beautiful cocktails, I reluctantly decided to remove myself from the trays of temptation and have a looksee inside. I made my way past the stern Beefeater, who was the object of many selfies. That bearskin hat must’ve been hotter than their jalapeno poppers. Hashtag instafamous…

The Station on Bree Summer Menu Platter The Station on Bree Jalapeno Poppers

Inside the Station

As soon as I stepped inside The Station on Bree, I was promptly transported back to my days of riding the London underground and navigating my way through the maze of tube stations. Except, this one was clearly sign-posted and a lot more elegant than the actual underground! The theme was so carefully constructed and understatedly implemented, but packed a super punch in the visuals. From the tube-inspired signage to the typical yellow handrails hanging from the roof, it was spot-on to the very last detail. I was mesmerised by the copies of the tube maps on the ceiling, the split-flap displays and the vintage suitcases stacked on shelves along the walls.

So, what can we expect to find at The Station on Bree this summer? Well, it’s all rather exciting. They’re kicking off summer 2017 with the explosive launch of “Thursday REveal” – your TGIF will soon become TGIT! Hosted by internationally renowned DJ, saxophonist and percussion specialist, George Sax, this new addition to the underground promises to bring you world-class entertainment without spending your hard-earned savings on a ticket to London.  Every Thursday throughout summer George Sax will be joined on stage by an array of home-grown talent to infuse your bland Thursday afternoon with homegrown vibes. And trust me, these guys can put the beat in your feet and the spin in your gin!

The Station on Bree Arrivals Departure Sign

The Station on Bree Perk Street sign

Build your own gin

Speaking of which, make sure to tap into their new gin bar experience! It’s every bit as expansive as it’s pretty, and you’re bound to spend hours staring at the gin selection with stars in your eyes. Their “build-your-own-gin” initiative is genius – even if you’re not a G&T kind of gal or guy, you’ll be able to tailor-make a drink to your taste, which means everyone is invited to the gin revolution! Their gin menu is filled to the brim with not only top international brands, but also boasts with an impressive selection of locally crafted micro-batched gins.

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a casual meal, you should make The Station on Bree your only stop this summer. They offer a Mediterranean-inspired dining style that focuses on fresh flavours and simple ingredients. Choose from a delicious menu of small plate foods to share with friends for a lazy lunch, or bring the family together for a traditional meal. Either way, this is where you catch up, unwind and watch the world go by. Social eating has never looked this good.

Thursdays have taken on a new meaning for me. I mean, who can resist gorgeous food, jazzy tunes and a bar stocked with everything your heart could ever desire? Throw in stunning décor and the best, most versatile location in all of Cape Town, and you have the hottest spot in town. Make sure you go underground this summer at The Station on Bree and hop aboard for the hippest ride this side of London…


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