Ginvana Discovered at The T Room Gin Bar

Ahhhhh, gin.  Sweet, blessed, delicious, gin. From that first simple sip of that refreshing Gin & Tonic, to that tart burn of a slow gin fizz, or even a good, stiff, dry martini – give me gin, and give it to me for days. Personally, I’m convinced that whoever created gin was an angel disguised as a human, trying to deliver a taste of heaven directly into my gin hole, and baby, I am all ready for that juniper-laden nirvana.  It’s not sacrilegious, it’s sacrilicious!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, to say I’ve been struck by cupid’s arrow might be over-estimating the God of Love’s power. I don’t think he holds a candle compared to my devotion to the wonderful gin concoction – it is my go-to drink of all time, no substitutions allowed.

My only real disappointment in my gin-addled existence has just been the lack of variety in terms of flavor.  Vodka has it’s fruits and vegetables, whiskey is getting some attention from cinnamon, but ain’t nobody showing it’s love to poor, sweet, misunderstood gin.

Wait, what’s that, hold the phone, stop the F@&$ing presses ya’ll, our gin angel has blessed us with a gin-infusing saint, and has turned Hoi An, Vietnam, into a must stop destination for gin-swilling enthusiasts.  That nirvana is called The T Room Gin Bar, where the only G going into your T is going to be scrumptiously ‘ginfused’ with new and exciting flavors.

The T Room Gin Bar Seating Hoi An Vietnam The T Room Gin Bar Patio Seating Hoi An VietnamNestled in a quiet neighborhood in back-alley crossroads, The T Room Gin Bar stands out, the dark blue fence obviously new around it’s quainter surroundings.  Inside, intimate candle lighting and marvelously overstuffed sofas and lounge chairs await you, ready to cradle your booty for as long as you’re willing to keep sipping.  

P.S. – You’ll want to savor every drop anyway, so I have no doubts that you’ll sip.

The Founder

The T Room Gin Bar was founded by Kate Gerrard, a native South African who is now working as a chef in Hoi An.  She has been a chef since 1993 (but cooking for much longer) and knows her way around flavors.  

It was thanks to her culinary background that she was inspired to start experimenting with gin.  Well, that, and apparently a large surplus of gin left to her by friends over the years.  “I looked at all the gin and I thought – okay, what am I going to do?  So… I just started playing with the gins, and here we are,” Kate said with a laugh, flashing a broad and open smile.

The T Room Gin Bar Ginfusions Kate beind the bar

Thus, The T Room Gin Bar was born, bringing with it unique flavored gins in beautifully flavor-themed glasses, minimal and beautiful.  “It was never my dream to own a bar,” she chuckled.  “But gin-prices have increased by 300% over the last few years… If it wasn’t going to be me, then it was going to be somebody else.”

It’s dog eat dog world out there, and I admire a lady who can seize an opportunity. Our hats are off to you, Kate.  Not just for your business acumen, but also for creating a product too scrumptious to be entirely described in words.

Kate uses Gordan’s gin as a base, and infuses the gin with the flavor for a minimum of a week, and upwards of a month or longer, depending on which ingredients she’s using. “It’s about trial and error and getting the balance right,” she said.  “I’ve been playing with this for eighteen months.”


There are six ginfusions available at The T Room Gin Bar:  Vanilla & Pomelo, Kumquat, Rose & Cardamom, Chamomile, Fennel & Cucumber, and Lingon & Lime. Each of them is delicious and beautiful in their own right. Read my review of all six flavors.The T Room Gin Bar Ginfusion Drink

The six ginfusions won’t be disappearing from the menu any time soon. Kate also offers seasonal flavors, as well as showcases new flavors for the customers to sample and review, with the hopes of adding even more to the menu.  Currently, the menu includes Watermelon, Basil & Black Pepper, Hibiscus & Lime (want), and Mandarin & Star Anise (double want). She’s also in the process of creating a Pho-spiced Gin, as well as a Chorizo and Thyme one, so keep an eye out for those in the future!  

Until then, if you’re in the Da Nang/Hoi An area in Vietnam, and you like gin – I highly recommend taking an evening off from your travels and stopping by.  You won’t regret it, and you’ll experience some truly amazing flavors that, for a self-proclaimed gin connoisseur like myself, are out of this world.  

Address: 2 Mạc Đĩnh Chi, Cẩm Châu, Tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Photos: Shot by Shaun Photography

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