Toronto Fashion Week 2018 | Day Three

February 7th, 2018 marks the conclusion of Toronto Fashion Week. It’s been refreshing to see some designers from a different part of the world exploring a new taste in high fashion. Toronto Fashion Week isn’t up there with The Big Four but after these past few days, I think they certainly have the potential to be. My favorite part of the past shows this week is definitely how designers have put forth a stronger effort, better than ever before, to be eco-friendly. I cannot stress the importance of taking better care of our environment, even when it comes to the clothing we wear everyday.

When I learned how much water goes into the process of producing denim, I was blown away. The designers and those behind the Triarchy brand have really done an amazing thing by recycling water in order to create their luxury denim pieces. Saving any amount of water during the current state of our environment is sincerely amazing. They’ve saved one million gallons of water since producing their product and I couldn’t be prouder to be 100 percent behind this brand. It truly is worth every penny. It’s so vital to look into the process that goes into making the clothing that we, as consumers, wear everyday. Spending an extra dollar here and there to better our world seems like a small price to pay for the ultimate outcome. You can shop and support this brand online

Triarchy Denim

women’s lake blue high waisted jean for $185 via

Andrew Coimbra

Let’s move on to day three, the final day of Toronto Fashion Week. Andrew Coimbra didn’t disappoint with his chic-contemporary, ready-to-wear collection. The styles are simple but have their own twist of individuality which I look for in any item of clothing whilst shopping. The best thing about ready-to-wear clothing is the versatility to stand out but remain on trend. I really appreciate Andrew’s incorporation of modern style warped into his own perspective of fashion and how it interprets into an entire look. He’s relatively new to the game but his hard work shines through and he’s more than deserving to have many platforms given to him to debut his clothing that is art.

Andrew Coimbra at Toronto Fashion Week Day Three

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Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser without a doubt brought one of my favorite collections to Toronto Fashion Week. Hayley took us back to the 90s when her models stormed the runway and I’m not complaining! The designs and prints were so elaborate and shocking. These ensembles are really meant for those who like taking fashion risks and going all out. I can see these designs being sported in a Bruno Mars music video! I was also overjoyed to see that Hayley used a diverse selection of models to represent her brand. In 2018, people really gravitate towards inclusive brands and rightfully so. Let’s face it people, there are more than one type of body and we should represent them all! I don’t think it’s too difficult to agree on that.

Hayley Elsaessr at Toronto Fashion Week Day Three

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Fashion Heals

Toronto Fashion Week has also sponsored Fashion Heals – a fundraiser fashion show for sick children in need. Patients, caregivers, and nurses are featured as models at this event. This fundraiser helps to raise money for these children in need and it’s nice to see Toronto Fashion Week get behind such an important event. I really do believe that caring for mother nature and the human race whilst promoting fashion is a tremendously admirable thing that we are seeing more and more of. A lot of people mistake the fashion industry for being vain and materialistic. To some degree, this could be true as the way we present ourselves on the outside and what goes into that process is a factor of vanity. Combining both self-love and charity towards the things that matter most in this world is revolutionary. With all of the hardships our world faces each day whether in politics or environmentally, it’s reassuring that in certain aspects we are making a change. Donate to Fashion Heals online

Up next: New York Fashion Week

Toronto Fashion Week has been amazing to review and I’m sad to see it go by so soon. Excitingly enough, New York Fashion Week is back on February 8th! I’m thrilled to be covering another NYFW on More Than Food. I’ll be discussing the ups and the downs of these shows to give my readers the scoop on what turns fashion will be taking this 2018.