Close friends, Izak and Wessel, from Cape Town, cooked up two memorable and mouthwatering dishes to take the title of Season 3 winners of M-Net’s popular cooking competition My Kitchen Rules South Africa! 

Amongst all the excitement, we managed to steal a few moments with this season’s winners to chat about their incredible journey.

Has it sunk in yet that you are MKR season 3 winners?

Winning the title of MKR Season 3 hasn’t sunk in yet. We’ve celebrated with some friends last night, but we are sure it will sink in as the celebrations continue this week. We’ve been so grateful for all the messages and words of encouragement that’s come through from the public.


Tell us what was running through your minds during your last cook in the MKR kitchen.

Don’t drop the ball! This was definitely our most challenging cook. We felt that we dropped the ball on the mains as we did not have time to taste each element as we normally would. It was only during the dessert that we finally got our groove back and felt more calm and in control.


And in the moment that your final score was announced?

Complete and utter shock – from what we saw the other teams present we did not know if we had done enough to take the win.


The question you’ve been asked over and over. What are you going to do with the R1 million?

We’d love to create some unique foodie events together. Wessel is building his dream kitchen and Izak would like to use the money to focus on his olive oil brand.

What was your proudest moment in the competition?

Making it through the three sudden death challenges in the braai challenge and securing a spot in the finals. From the get go our goal was to try and make it to the finals.


What memories will you carry with you from this experience?

The friendships we forged during the instant restaurant phase and the rest of the competition!


Tell us your favourite and scariest experiences in the finale and the competition.

The scariest moment was trying to get all the elements for the main onto the plate. With only three minutes to plate at the end we weren’t sure if we will be able to plate all 8 plates in time. The favourite moment was scoring that perfect 10 for our dessert at our Instant Restaurant.


Where to from here for Izak and Wessel?

We would love to share our passion for food with others, by creating unique dining experiences and potentially some collaborations with brands. Both of us are in the food industry and would love to launch new products in the future too.  You will definitely be seeing more of us and will be sharing our food journey on social media.