Internationally acclaimed 3D artist, Kurt Wenner presents his breakthrough invention and original exhibit Incredible Illusions in Cape Town; the first of its kind to reach African soil. Kurt invented the breakthrough art form of 3-dimensional pavement art, which was originally drawn up with chalk (which he makes and bakes himself!) and displayed all over the world. It comes from his research into the ideals and concepts of ancient artists which he has rediscovered and communicated to a contemporary audience. He has created many canvases for specific events and launches worldwide, from Dubai to London, San Francisco to Chile. The ‘Tricky Roads’ canvas was last seen in Durban for the launch of the Hyundai Veloster. The exhibition is currently exhibited at the V&A Watershed and there is only 2 weeks left to catch it.

The exhibition is interactive as well as educational, guests are encouraged to take pictures of their experience and post it online. It is completely contrary to any traditional museum exhibition experience. Guests are encouraged to participate and interpret each piece to their own understanding, having fun whilst inventing unique poses on the artworks whilst taking as many photos as possible. The displays have a brief explanation and history to give the viewer some insight into the purpose of the art.

The exhibition includes an amazing fusion of education, history, mathematics, and science. Visitors can learn the history of pavement art, how and why artists use geometry and how perspective comes into play in 3D art. To conclude the experience there is an “Art Jamming” zone where visitors can create their own masterpieces. Originally advertised as a free exercise but a minimum fee of R5 is charged to participate.

A large and dynamic group will make for a more fun experience as you can interact more and view the art from different people’s perspectives. Personally, I felt the lighting did the exhibition a disservice as the shadows on the artwork made it harder to look “real” in the pictures. The exhibition was more exciting for children, their amazement and reactions to the photos was precious. The price has been advertised on different platforms and each different from each other. They have changed the difference in weekend rates and made it one flat rate throughout the week.


R390 for family (2 adults + 2 youths or 1 adult + 3 youths), R135 for adults, R100 for kids aged 6-17 years, free for kids five years and younger, R100 pp for groups of 10 or more, R80 pp for groups of 10 or more school learners. The exhibition is open daily from 10am to 7pm. For more information, please visit Incredible Illusions online.

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