Burger King and Pepsi collab on new virtual game giving away Renowned Artist African Ginger NFT’s with an estimated value of $260 000


Some things work better together than others, in fact, something legendary happens when the right things come together – like Burger King and Pepsi. Leaning into the power of the perfect partnership, January 2023 will see the winning combo combine to collaborate with hot Mzansi artist, African Ginger, with ‘X Marks the Drop.’ 

During the campaign period, South Africans are invited to take part in a nationwide search for virtual tokens, with an opportunity to win an original African Ginger piece of art and NFT worth $25 000; 1 of 10 000 limited editions African Ginger NFTs (with an estimated total value of $260 000), along with 20 000 free Whoppers up for grabs. Along with this, offers like discount codes or free PEPSI with meals purchased can be won each day. 

Seth Pimentel, A.K.A. African Ginger, is known for his unique illustrative style. He creates art with depth and meaning, often pushing boundaries by merging traditional and digital work into a hybrid of experimentation. His works for ‘X Marks the Drop’ are consistent with his style whilst still incorporating Burger King and Pepsi brand colour. 

Ezelna Jones, Head of Marketing for Burger King SA, says: “Gen Z grew up online playing games so combining the world of a digital token hunt and NFTs is a natural transition, especially for those seeking to own an original digital picture from African Ginger. Like fashion and traditional art, Gen Z members express their personalities through the digital art they collect, including NFTs that represent their passions. ‘X Marks the Drop’ with Pepsi ticks all the boxes as we offer them the opportunity to be incentivised for doing something they would normally be doing while gamifying their experience with our brands.”  

“I am incredibly proud of the successful partnership we have built over the past 9 years with Burger King and PepsiCo, this Collab of two great brands is one more step to show South Africa how innovative we can be in this channel. We wish all our loyal customers and consumers all the best in their virtual hunt for tokens,” says Martin Charles of PepsiCo SA.


The virtual hunt is a collaborative piece created by Because Creative Experiences and their technology partners Inner Reality supported with media strategy and execution by Initiative Media.


●      To play, go to www.bkxpepsi.co.za on your mobile device or scan the QR code on one of the posters in store.

●      Register your details and sign in.

●      Identify your closest BK drop or drop a token right in front of you.

●      Open the AR mode to view the token and collect.

●      Click the ‘X’ token in your Whopper Wallet to see what you’ve won

●      Save the code and redeem it at a BK store.


For more information, head to the Burger King siteX Marks the Drop will run until 31 January 2023.