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More Than Food will conduct and share service-related reviews of travel, accommodation, health/wellness facilities, restaurants, bands/concerts and cultural experiences. These reviews will be conducted at our own discretion and will be posted only if there is a genuine interest and application to our audience. These reviews will be based on genuine experiences at these establishments and will not be a result of a paid endorsement. If you would like to invite a member of our team to come and review your establishment, we will graciously reply to and accept each individual request where appropriate. If you are inviting us as a complimentary guest, we reserve the right to disclose this to our readers if there is an article that results from our visit. We do not, however, guarantee that there will be a story on every place we visit. If our experience with your establishment is not a positive one, we will give you an opportunity to respond and rectify the situation but we reserve the right to share our genuine experience at all times with our readers. If your establishment is not within driving distance of one of our contributors, we will not be able to attend and review unless travel expenses are being covered for the experience.


More Than Food is happy to attend your event if we deem it to be interesting to our readers and demographic. We are interested in events ranging from food and wine to fashion, finance, technology and more so please do not hesitate to enquire. We’ll let you know if we’re able to join or if we’re not interested. When a member of our team joins your event, please understand that it is not a guaranteed endorsement or an article on the site. The event and any corresponding story shared with our readers will be at our own discretion and based on our personal, honest, genuine experience at the event. If your toilets have no toilet paper and are a complete disaster, that’s the truth and that’s what we need to honour when and if we communicate back to our readers.


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