Our eyes are the main affected by new technologies, beyond our habit changes, our eyesight is being affected by blue light, a new term that can lead to various problems. So that you know it perfectly, we are going to explain what it is, as well as tools and tips to avoid the damage it causes. Throughout the day we spend many hours in front of the smartphone, computer or tablet , including some other devices such as the screens of our smartwatch, all of them emit blue light that in a small proportion are not dangerous, although in the long run they cause a series of problems.


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This type of blue light is caused by the screens, since they need a lighting source, either from LEDs or another type. Although we are not aware of it, it is comparable to staring at the sun, something that on a cloudy day we can do without problem, although on sunny summer days it will be almost impossible. Something similar happens with the screens, which do not have the same strength as the sun, but by continually looking at them they end up causing a series of damages that we will learn about later.

Its wavelength is between 380 and 500 nanometers, a measurement that has been very useful for researchers to understand the change in human beings and their vision. We have gone from being dominated by incandescent lights to LED lights.


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Some of the best known damages and which are caused by blue light is the Visual Computer Syndrome, which affects all of those who dedicate a space of our day to looking at our smartphone or computer, which is currently a large part of the population. In many circumstances we can be aware of some damages that blue light causes us, such as red eyes.

Eye fatigue or fatigue has also seen a great increase and we can be aware of this, but in the case of dry eyes, due in part to the decrease in the frequency of blinking, we are not always able to recognize it and it proves to lead to serious problems related. Most people will need glasses at some point. You can look at great quality glasses to ensure your eyes are protected. Most users suffer from headaches, insomnia or eye fatigue at least once a week, caused many times by the time we spend in front of the screens, absorbing the blue light that does so much damage to our sight and visual system. There are numerous specialized studies on the damage of blue light.


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Once we know all the damage that blue light can cause, we give way to the remedies that we can put in the way to prevent our eyesight from suffering. As a first and most widespread measure, we can choose or use the night protection of our mobile phone.

Nowadays all smartphones have this option “rest mode”, which we will find in the shortcut bar or otherwise in the settings. It is advisable to at least have it active at night, but if we want to increase protection, we can also have it to a minimum throughout the day. In addition to this, we must limit the hours we do of electronic devices with low light, since by concentrating our gaze on a light source we are accelerating the damage we do to our eyes. In addition to the filter and protection for the eyes of our mobiles, these in some cases include a black and white mode, which will allow us to increase protection in low light situations, eliminating colors and limiting the damage of blue light. If our mobile does not have the black and white mode tool, we can download the free application Blue light filter, which allows us to choose the type of tint that will protect us and choose the mode without tint, where we will see our screen as if it were electronic ink.


[divider]Rest your eyesight and be more careful at night[/divider]

There is a trick that is difficult to carry out but that can end up avoiding vision problems, it is called 20-20-20, which consists during our times of looking at screens, resting our eyes for at least 20 seconds, looking at 6 meters from distance. Now you’re educated on blue light, it’s time to do something about it and protect your health.