Every woman dreams of becoming a princess with a cause, with a beautiful diamond tiara and her knight in shining armour by her side… for some, this dream becomes a reality when entering the Mrs South Africa pageant.

Mrs South Africa is the No.1 Pageant and Female Empowerment program for married women, in South Africa. It is not a beauty pageant in the traditional sense of the word.


Mrs South Africa is truly a life-changing journey for the women who enter this renowned empowerment program. The opportunity and platform that Mrs South Africa creates, for these women, is significant in every way and truly creates a ripple effect across our beautiful country. Through the journey, women discover the best versions of themselves again. They learn that you are never too old to follow your dreams and be the voice of change.

The semi-finalists in the 2020 edition of Mrs South Africa were announced after a successful national live casting which saw Chandre Goosen making her mark and taking one step closer to the finish line.

Chandre Goosen, aka Lady G, is a lover of all things fashion and fast cars, and is hoping to inspire women around South Africa as she competes for a top spot in the 2020 Mrs South Africa pageant.


She is strength personified and recently sat down with More Than Food Mag and shared her thoughts on what she’s learnt since entering Mrs South Africa.

– Something people don’t know about Mrs South Africa is that it’s a women empowerment program and I intend to do just that. The strength I have gained not only as a woman but as a mother is empowering and special. I have been able to live out one of my dreams not only for myself, but for all the other women out there who have been bullied and abused. I hope that my journey has impacted them positively and allowed for them to believe that they are worth it. They can also achieve anything they want in life; it all comes down to choices.

– I developed a mentality of being a survivor and a warrior woman, I had to train myself to have structure, self discipline, and not to take things to heart especially if certain things were said about me or my appearance, but rather, see it as a process of a warrior for myself and for others by setting a positive example.

– I have taught myself so many new things along the way and always set aside time for self-love and appreciation. I learnt to always stay true to myself and most importantly, to be authentic.

– I have learned so much about myself and gained so much inner strength, something I never knew I had within me. I have always been a “glam doll” who loves to dress up, but most of all with this journey I was given a platform for my voice to be heard.

– Having a voice in this incredible process, with the support of the powerful and passionate Mrs South Africa team, allowed me to start taking steps out of my comfort zone and allowed for me to succeed in various areas of my life. You become fearless and take up challenges head-on knowing that you will progress further and that you will be heard, which to me was so empowering.

– My journey as a Semi Finalist has become so close to my heart that I am now up for a new challenge and aim to become the female presidency of South Africa for women empowerment. I am so hungry for this challenge and wish to show women that dreams do come true.

– The drive you are given and the strength gained through this incredible journey is endless – it’s now on to the next challenge of running for top 25 which takes place on the 13th November at Emperors Palace.

Follow her journey: https://www.instagram.com/chandre_ladyg/