Bright and early on the morning of 7 November, I embarked on an experience with Magaliesburg Wines that was indeed true to its hashtag – #AdventureAwaits. After a 2 hour trip to the Ysterhout Gorge, situated in the beautiful Magaliesberg Mountain range, my inner Tarzan came out to play.

Around 10am, in the now 37 degree highveld heat, we arrived at Magaliesberg Canopy Tours. The adrenaline had now really kicked in and even our guides jokingly asking if we were ready to “rock and fall” was not enough to dampen the spirits of The Dream Team (as we called ourselves). In no time at all we suited up in our harnesses and embarked on our journey across 10 slides, more than 30m above the canopy floor. What better way to take in the majesty of the second oldest mountain range in the world.

Ziplining in the Magaliesburg Mountain Range

Magaliesburg Wines is the new kid on the block from Overhex Winery with their Natural Sweet Red, White and Rosé. It is so refreshing to come across a wine label that truly makes its promise of adventure tangible for its drinkers. Overhex prides themselves on doing things a little differently and I was lucky enough to have Head Winemaker, Ben Snyman on my team. Between all the zipping and sliding, I was able to tap into his knowledge as well as hear about the future of this new wine label. Let’s just say many more adventures are on the cards.

Collage from Magaliesburg Adventure

After hurtling from cliff to cliff, with minimal shrieks and screams I might add, we were all more than ready to sample the sweet rosé served as a refreshing tonic and lemon spritzer. The day was topped off by a light lunch with great conversation and yes, even more wine! This was truly an experience I enjoyed from start to finish.

All that’s left to say is a big cheers Magaliesburg Wines and here’s to the next journey. My inner adventurer has now been born.

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