After the first tribe swap, classic city slicker Mike’s torch was snuffed. Having entered this season to see if a neurotic, city-slicker, white-collar geek could crack it in the wild, Mike gave the game a fair crack.

We had a quick chat with him about how he went about trying to outwit, outplay and outlast first his Vuna and then his Zamba tribe mates.

How did you feel when Nico said, “Drop your buffs”?

I felt nervous. I was worried that I’d end up in a strategically difficult position.


If the tribe swap did not happen, do you feel you’d still be in the game?

Maybe? I think we might have had a solid 5 (possibly shaky 6) at old-Vuna that would have kept me safe but I could have been on the chopping block next.


If Amy was able to vote, do you think the outcome of Tribal Council would’ve been different?

No, I am pretty certain she would have voted for me.


How do you think your original tribe mates can continue to be “Vuna Strong”?

At least in new-Zamba, I’m pretty sure the ship has sailed for “Vuna Strong”.


Who is your money on to be sole Survivor?

Kiran and Carla for the tie-win I pray!


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