Creating an inclusive South Africa is pivotal on the journey to advancing the local talents and needs of the country. Menlyn Park Shopping Centre recognises the role of youth in changing the socio-economic degeneration that have left our future leaders discouraged. It is for this reason that Menlyn Park Shopping Centre will be working with youth in and around the city to create its first #MenlynLovesYouth.

The Youth Day Conversation is an opportunity for the youth to engage with each other and corporates like Menlyn Park Shopping Centre while advancing and acknowledging the youth’s efforts in fighting their current challenges. This is done in a bid to create a prosperous and inclusive South Africa.

 “We are taking the opportunity to remind the youth that they are being heard and are not alone.  As the nation reflects on the impact of 1976, we are compelled to ensure we include our youth by giving them the stage,” explain Olive Ndebele, General Manager at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre.The struggle to have the youth agenda addressed continues with our 21st century youth fighting new battles which include unemployment, free education, entrepreneurship and economic opportunities that need to be addressed to create a new reality.

 “The economic shift in South Africa compels us to ensure we continue to remind our youth that Menlyn Park Shopping Centre is invested in them. As the largest mall in South Africa, we love all things local, and that includes the youth. We believe the youth conversations will enable us to get into their minds and unpack a better future for them, despite the current challenges,” continues Ndebele.

In recognition of the journey, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre is launching a youth wall in their mall whereby the youth can pledge to do their part to change the face of the nation. These pledges, alongside Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, will work to ensure we never forget the necessity of 1976 while recommitting to creating a youth inclusive future today.  Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, The Lazy Makoti, Tshepo The Jean-maker, and TUKS SRC President David Kabwa will be amongst some of the signatories and participants at the Youth Conversation.

‘’We are very excited to be bringing an initiative like this to the mall that sees many young people visit it each month. This is sensitive time for our country especially the youth and we are keen to lead these conversations,” concludes Ndebele.