Whether you’re so new to the world of health food that you’re still not 100% sure how to pronounce quinoa, or you’re the person your friends turn to when they need advice about which superfood to add to their smoothie, a visit to The Health Food Emporium is a must.

Nadine Hardy Petzer opened up this gorgeous health shop to provide a space where she could educate consumers about better eating and nutrition; a natural step on her journey after having established the popular snack brand, Nu Seed. Today, the store stocks all the Nu Seed products, along with the NuMe range of carb-free and paleo-friendly baked treats – but it’s also the place to visit if you’re looking to stock up on nut flours, legumes and sugar-free goodies. I particularly loved the self-serve raw honey station, as well as the kombucha bar – simply pick a flavour and pour. The make-your-own-muesli station is another fantastic innovation. Look out, too, for special products like roasted coconut oil – superb in curries – and healthy hazelnut spread.  In keeping with the move away from plastic, Nadine invites consumers to fill their own jars and packets with everything you need to turn your pantry into a vitamin haven.

Bet of all is the Emporium’s restaurant, an ideal spot to fuel up with a perfect flat white and a light meal before heading out into the urban jungle once more. The menu is small but well considered, featuring many of the products found on the shelves. Breakfast options include the Emporium’s outstanding muesli, while lunch stretches to soups, wraps and salads. The chicken wrap, bursting with garden green goodness, crunchy seeds and a dark chocolate drizzle to add depth, gets our definite thumbs up.

Just visiting the Health Food Emporium is enough to make you feel as though you’ve turned over a new leaf – you’ll leave feeling inspired and invigorated, and ready to embrace the world.