Gauteng’s premier entertainment destination, Montecasino, continues to deliver world-class gaming as part of its casino offering and this week, the complex is proud to launch the world’s very first Roulette Xtra game on a Blaze table, a visual feast that takes the game of roulette to the next level.

Roulette Xtra is a new gaming offering created by TCSJOHNHUXLEY which adds a new level of excitement to the roulette game that players know and love. Roulette Xtra combines the traditional game of Roulette with a thrilling random multiplier bet, with a maximum payout of 300 to 1 available.

Roulette Xtra puts a new spin on the traditional game, however, it is important to note that the new elements do not interfere with the way the traditional game is played whatsoever. Players will place their bets as normal and once the ball is spun and “No More Bets” is called, the game randomly selects four (4) Roulette Xtra numbers along with random multiplier payouts ranging between 50 to 1 and 300 to 1. The multipliers are allocated to each Roulette Xtra number and displayed on the winning number display. The winning Roulette Xtra number and combinations are determined by the result of where the ball lands on the Roulette wheel.

However, Roulette Xtra also offers a new visual experience for players which certainly elevates the level of excitement during the game. The game incorporates Blaze patented LED surface technology, that displays unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations, while also highlighting the Roulette Xtra multiplier bets and winning numbers. This combination of the game on a Blaze table is a world first in the casino industry.

“We strive to spearhead the gaming space in South Africa and this is another example of how we are leading the industry,” Mike Page, Director of Operations and Complex GM at Montecasino shares. “Roulette Xtra brings an exciting new offering to the traditional game we know and love. With added bonuses and ways to win, we are taking Roulette to the next level and this is certainly going to be an exhilarating addition to our gaming floor.”

Local celebrities flocked at the opportunity to be one of the first players in the world to experience the new game and table for themselves. Personalities including Lesego ‘Coconut Kelz’ Tlhabi, Kyle Clark, Graeme Watkins, Zanele Potelwa, Nicole Da Silva, DJ Sabby, DJ Ankletap, Kriya Gangiah and Zinhle Masango attended the official Roulette Xtra launch in style.

There are two Roulette Xtra tables with Blaze now open to the public to enjoy at Montecasino – one located on the main casino floor and the other in their main smoking casino.