Volcanoes can generate not only majestic mountain landscapes, destructive eruptions, and endless topics for scientific research. In the depths of the ancient Chachani volcanic complex, nature has concealed a wonderful gift for a man – water. It is the water, which for over a century amazes the world with its crystal purity, unsurpassed taste, and unique properties. The water, which is carefully bottled to preserve all the natural advantages, gets into the human body, enriching it with vital energy. It is the magnificent natural mineral water Socosani, which became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Water in South America.

The magnificent properties of Socosani water are known to us today only thanks to the fact that in 1904 Manuel Aurelio Vinelli went on a horseback riding in search of a virgin water source near the town of Arequipa, Peru. During the ride, he discovered a small Socosani Valley and found natural mineral springs on the territory of this valley. He sent water from these springs for analysis to specialized laboratories in France. The unique mineral composition of the water was certified by the French scientific community, and this allowed launching the first natural mineral water bottling plant in Peru.

The reason for the amazing properties of Socosani water lies in its origin. The snow from the peaks of Chachani volcano at an altitude of 6,057 meters melts, the rocks filter the water, and it goes a long way in 45 kilometers down to the Socosani Valley. Here, at an altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level, there is a bottling plant where water is bottled and shipped to customers. The production is free from any chemical additives – the water gets to the customers’ table with authentic flavor and composition.

“We find great bliss in being able to spread the wonderful water from the Socosani Valley outside Peru and share this gift of nature with people from other countries. We are also very happy that our water has been recognized by the respected Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts because it really deserves it,” said José Alonso Estrada Sierra, CEO Socosani, Peru.

Socosani mineral water is available in two versions – with and without gas. The brand also offers pasteurized still water, flavored water, soda, and a wide portfolio of drinks based on the purest mineral water and spilled in the Socosani Valley.