“A new year is about starting afresh, opening a new chapter, facing the clean white page. To do that, we all need a little help from friends – and what better friend than a book by your side? Whether you need inspiration, motivation, new perspective or new skills, our Inspiration Collection will offer just the guidance you need. Books are cheaper than therapy!” – Batya Bricker – GM Books and Brands Exclusive Books.

The selection includes many ‘modern classics’ like Robert Green’s Daily Laws, Don Miguel’s Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, or the more poetic, intense content of the classic Women who Run with Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. At 500 pages, it’s a thumper of the book, but remains a staple read that has informed Glennon Doyle’s Untamed and others.

To other modern classics the Mr Men and Little Miss series – Mr Calm and Little Miss Brave. Adorable for the young, or young at heart.

This is the first time Exclusive Books have included books for young readers in a themed promotion – and high time it was. The last two years has exposed young ones in very real ways to concepts like resilience and inner calm, and this new trend of publishing mindfulness for younger readers reflects this.

A fantastic, interactive and engaging addition is the Choose Gratitude Journal – brightly illustrated – a good day, your way. It’s a place where you can write about all the good things in life, focus on the positives and be thankful. Filled with thoughtful prompts, empowering messages and fun activities, this will inspire you to practice gratitude each day.

There are books that have remained on Exclusive Books bestseller charts throughout lockdown, and we think their universality will continue to resonate in our mature covid reality. Grit, by Angela Duckworth, Charles Duhigg’s Power of Habit, James Clear’s Atomic Habits.


Next to Batya’s bed is:

Things You Can See Only when you Slow Down – by Haemin Sumin and Kim Chi Young, a book written in response to the many requests to this buddhist monk on dealing with the anxieties of modern life and finding strength in slowing down.

The Comfort Book, by number 1 bestselling author Matt Haig. Nothing is stronger than a small hope that doesn’t give up. This book is a collection of little islands of hope. It offers thoughts and consolations that offer new ways of seeing ourselves and the world. Haig’s mix of philosophy, memoir and self-reflection builds on the wisdom and philosopher from Marcus Aurelius to Nellie Bly, Emily Dickinson to James Baldwin. This is the book to pick up when you need the wisdom of a friend, the comfort of a hug or a reminder that hope comes from unexpected places. An absolute treat of a book, to pick up and dip into whenever the need arises.

Vision boards are not just a new age fad – their visual appeal and easy accessibility have made them uber-popular for manifesting dreams and creating an easily-referenced, constant visual reminder of your hopes and aspirations. Two vision board kits – Health and Happiness and Career and Confidence will get you started. Includes cards and workbook.

Strong, leadership voices like Robina Sharma, Clem Sunter, Ryan Holiday and Shonda Rhimes all feature in the Collection and offer that constructive, informative and motivation little voice on your shoulder.

Together with Brené Brown, Devon Brough, Vex King, Catherine Price, Fearne Cotton and Kathy Milkman.