Often when one decides to go for a dinner with friends or loved ones, it’s quite a process to decide what everyone feels like and invariably someone is left feeling disappointed when the final choice is not really what they wanted to eat.

Also there is the old adage that if you want a good steak you go to a steakhouse. Specialised is always best… or is it?

Well throw that conception out the window and fulfil everyone’s desires with a trip to Choo Choo Junction in Linden. This steampunk inspired neighbourhood eatery is all about sharing their love for food with cuisines from around the world.

Gisela and her team are simply delightful and when speaking about their food, their warmth, graciousness and passion can immediately be felt. Combine this with some of the best waitrons in Joburg and somehow you just know you are going to be in for an unforgettable evening.

With a locally harvested seasonal menu that brings new flavours to diners, choosing what to order was a challenge. We decided on quite a diverse range of food, from beef short rib (slowly braised in red wine and vegetables, served on polenta), a mostly Western dish, to Nasi Goreng (a fried rice recipe picked up in Bangkok), an Indonesian masterpiece, to Asian Pork Belly (braised in mango and star anise, served on a butternut roti). These all arrived, immaculately presented and the table immediately fell silent as we savoured each bite. Compliments were all that emanated from our mouths and with this group of individuals, that is a rarity to say the least.

The portion sizes were extremely generous with amazing flavours. Everything at Choo Choo Junction has a story and this was most evident in our shared starter – The Big Cheese. A classic Agilo Olio mixed in a Grana Padano which is set alight with brandy. Simply put this has to be one of the most unique and flavour-filled entrées we have experienced anywhere in the world.

No great meal is complete without a little something sweet to finish off the evening and we again decided on three very different dishes. What a treat these all were. Peanut butter sundae, flambéed bananas and a beautiful coffee inspired dessert paired with Paul Cluver Elgin Riesling Noble Late Harvest. The nose on this delightful dessert wine packs a punch of Apricot and is most definitely a new favourite dessert wine!


It was almost sad to see the evening come to an end but what an amazing experience it was. Outstanding service, phenomenal food and sophisticated cuisine in a warm and friendly environment. An experience we can only recommend you try for yourself. Pop in to Choo Choo Junction for a seriously good food experience and for an even more special evening, try out their Taste Destination. A monthly menu featuring dishes from a specific country.

You may think that with such a diverse offering, a meal must be rather costly. Well herein lies the beauty, Choo Choo Junction’s prices are extremely good. An amazing night out that certainly won’t break the bank and will leave you planning your next visit to Linden to try something different.


Throughout the week, Choo Choo Junction offers a range of specials:

Tuesday 241 – Buy any pizza and get a second one free.

Wednesday Big Cheese – A Grana Padano set alight with brandy and mixed in a classic Agilo Olio.

Smoking Saturdays – Pork and Lamb ribs smoked in the Train Smoker and finished in the wood fire for extra flavour.

Sunday Lunch – A traditional lunch so you can relax on a Sunday.

Taste Destination – Be introduced to the tastes of a new country each month through tasting plates.