Even after 16 years in the business, the team at tashas

continue to innovate and inspire hospitality


After 16 years in the business, Natasha Sideris and her ever-growing team at tashas continue to innovate. The group has just updated its famed and much-loved Classic Menu. Six new, fresh, handcrafted dishes have been added to the menu, bringing a renewed splash of freshness and options for even the most loyal tashas fan.

Each tashas store has two menus – the Classic Menu, that is available at every location, and the Inspired Menu, which is particular to each specific location offering customers both the comfort of what they are used to and an opportunity to try something different.

“The new dishes on our Classic Menu reflect feedback from our customers – a continuing shift to healthier eating, vegan options or a flexitarian approach to vegetarianism –the option to add in protein,” Natasha explains. “The Inspired Menus will remain the same for now.”

South African-born entrepreneur, Natasha Sideris, affectionately known as Tasha, has grown tashas from a single store in Atholl in 2005, to a burgeoning group of 21 bespoke locations in South Africa and Dubai. Tashas Group now encompasses four brands: tashas, Flamingo Room by tashas, Avli by tashas and GALAXY BAR. Each of these brands is guided by the three core principles of beautiful food, stunning environments and engaging service.

The new dishes embody the tashas philosophy of using the best ingredients and are made to order. Nothing is pre-made or pre-cut so that the taste, vibrancy and freshness of every ingredient is retained. “The new dishes combine seasonal flavours and textures and are designed to be bursting with excitement in every bite,” says Sasha Basson, Group Chef for South Africa.

In developing the dishes, Natasha and her team followed a rigorous research and testing process. Over 30 dishes were prepped for consideration and shortlisting. From there, six dishes were selected and then perfected before being listed on the menu. Training, done by Sasha in face-to-face sessions across the group, focusses on respecting ingredients and refining the team’s skills.


The new dishes, all vegetarian with the option to add a protein, for the Classic Menu are:


butternut zucchini rosti R98

butternut & zucchini rostis, labneh, lime, grilled onions, rocket, red onion, chives, roasted butternut, pickled red onion, coriander, sunflower & pumpkin seeds

little miss sunshine R88

homemade granola, caramelised fruits, yoghurt, berries, paw paw curd, coconut flakes & mint

tashas comfort quinoa bowl R104

red & white quinoa, roasted cherry tomatoes, sauteed brown mushrooms, napoletana, chives, spring onion, egg & crispy chilli mushrooms



sicilian panini R92  

ciabatta, olive tapenade, napoletana, sauteed brown mushrooms, capers, olives, roasted cherry tomatoes, basil & mozzarella

barley & broccoli salad R126           

barley, charred long stem broccoli, rocket, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions, pumpkin seeds, lemon basil dressing, feta yoghurt, sunflower seed brittle & preserved lemon

zucchini rosa R98

zucchini spaghetti, roasted cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, capers, baby spinach, napoletana & crispy chilli mushrooms




There is a brand-new hot drink, a delicious homemade honeybush chai for R33, and four new smoothies to try:


peanut protein R68

peanut butter, banana, almond milk, chia seeds, spiced agave syrup & cinnamon

berry açaí R68

banana, berries, coconut milk, dates, açaí, cranberry & honey

golden mango rooibos R68

mango, yoghurt, honey, orange, chia, turmeric & a rooibos shot

green goddess R68

banana, pineapple, kale, apple, honey, mint, cucumber & lemon



“We live in a world where everything is automated and instant – but we believe it is important to slow down and celebrate the handmade – even if that means waiting 20 minutes for a dish that is prepared with care. It might be old-fashioned, but we want our customers to have a complete dining experience – service, décor and food,” Natasha concludes.

The new dishes are available in all tashas stores in South Africa from 15 March 2021.