Cape Town is truly the ultimate summer destination. Known for its spectacular venues, cold craft drinks, beautiful beaches, vineyards and breathtaking views, it’s a no-brainer that even the most seasoned traveler would add Cape Town to their travel bucket list, and rightly so.

 But beyond the beach and the bars, Cape Town offers the stylish go-getter something to take things up a notch this coming summer season, by indulging in the luxury of “yacht life”!

 What’s better than spending your summer days, with friends, out on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, whilst sipping on champagne and cocktails? Not much, right?


Take to the ocean for a once in a lifetime yacht experience. Cape Town is the meeting point of two oceans namely, the Atlantic and the Indian. The Atlantic Ocean on the west is cold, while the Indian Ocean is warmed by the equatorial waters from the north. The mixing of these currents makes for the astounding marine diversity Cape Town is known for. Whilst out on the waters, depending on your route, you’ll get a glimpse of Cape Town’s purest beauty, from Table Mountain to Camp’s Bay, and more. 

The atmosphere on the luxury yacht is set by you: whether it’s a lazy day out on the water, a family adventure, a honeymoon celebration, a corporate event, catching as many bronze rays as possible, or simply a “vibey” cocktail get together with friends – the choice is yours. 

With the setting sun, shimmering waters, and your guests sipping on champagne, it’ll make for the perfect Instagram post![divider]B IS FOR BEACHES AND BOOKINGS[/divider]

Cape Town has an array of incredible beaches to choose from, each with their own character and mood. Some are great for surfing and outdoor activities, while others are better for sunbathing. There are beaches that allow dogs and others where you can spot the famous African penguins.

Whether it’s a day cruise or an over-night charter, the One Only has everything you’re looking for.

Bookings are made on request, directly through The Roxstar Group ( where they will provide all relevant information and details to secure your required experience. This is your opportunity to experience the glorious splendour of a Cape Town in pure luxury on board one of Cape Town’s most luxurious yachts while anchored at the picturesque and iconic locations such as Clifton, also known as Cape Town’s “St Tropez”. This is an experience that you need to tick off your bucket-list, even if it’s a once in a lifetime treat! [divider]C IS FOR CHARTER AND CHARACTERISTICS[/divider]

Want to know what you’ll be stepping on to? Get ready to be transported into a world of luxury and class on your very own Only One 65ft luxury yacht. The Princess V65 boasts Olesinski-designed deep-V hulls which are optimised for greater lift and less drag, for lower planning speeds and greater efficiency. 

When entertaining, her spacious cockpit inspires relaxation with a welcoming sunpad and a well-equipped dining area leading to the fully equipped aft galley. With five canopy blades to choose from and engines taking you up to 38 knots, the Only One is as vivacious as she is valiant. And yet at the same time it’s a supremely comfortable motor-yacht, which would happily keep you and your family in the lap of luxury on a weeklong cruise. It’s a pleasure to be aboard both at anchor or in port, and it’s fun to drive—a lot of fun to drive. 

Below deck, eight guests enjoy four beautifully appointed cabins all bathed in natural light from elegant hull glazing, with the option of a further single cabin aft for occasional guests or crew. Your day-trip comes with the inclusion of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, snacks and a selection of canapés.

Whether you’re looking to spend an exciting day out on the Atlantic with friends, enjoy an exclusive and elite yachting experience, or try something a little different, daring, luxurious and unique, The Roxstar Group has just the luxury yacht rental experience you need!