Bangkok has long been considered as one of the wildest cities in Southeast Asia because of its 24/7 hustle and bustle, its out-of-this-world activities, and the dynamic ideas that are conceived everyday by mixing the cultures of the farangs and the local Thai people.

Still, up to this very day, it is quite obvious that Bangkok is still working its magic with its inhabitants, launching its first Bangkok Design Week this year organized by TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center), and all the other new businesses and initiatives that have been popping up almost every month right in the heart of the city.

And to add to the vibrant feel of this burgeoning capital, there’s this one Thai national that’s trying to shift the direction of the country’s biggest industry by reinventing its processes and techniques. Opened just over a month ago, Wild Clinic and Organic Treat is doing just that. Headed by its young and good looking twenty-something doctor, we’ve traveled all the way to Bangkok to hear his story and know more about his wild ideas.

Could you please introduce yourself to us?

Everyone calls me Note. Yeah, like notebook, but my real name is Komgrib Leelaake. I’m from a traditional Thai doctor family – my dad is a pediatrician, my mom’s as a nurse, and I’ve got two older sisters; one of which is a vet, and the other owns restaurants in Melbourne. I used to work for one of the biggest beauty clinics in Thailand as a resident doctor and manager, and later on was assigned with a clinic that is focused on Thai models, actresses and VIPs. My dream is to live a happy life, be able to provide to those who are in need, and to see the world every once in a while through travel.

Bangkok's Wild Clinic Doctor Note

What is WILD? What’s the main story behind it?

WILD is the concept that projects my idea of beauty that should be celebrated in this era. My girl gang and I love all the organic products out there in the market. So, when I decided to start my own business, I wanted to embrace what we love by introducing the new vibe, novelty-kind of clinic into the Thai aesthetic industry. I dream of a society who are more into the tangible and natural ways and say goodbye to the unrealistic world of plastics.

WILD means a lot to us. When we say WILD, it refers to the nature’s hidden oasis in the concrete jungle, and WILD as a playful, vivid character that resonates our personalities as individuals. So I think WILD Clinic speaks for its natural, more approachable medical environment.

Where did you get the inspiration behind this project?

During my years of training and working as an aesthetic doctor, I’ve travelled a lot across the world, wandered around to see all the beauty this planet has to offer. And in each country I’ve visited, I observed the aesthetic use of their natural resources, from the dead sea of Jordan to the flowers of the Himalayas. There are these invincible produces of our mother nature that have long been integrated in the medical angle of each and every own traditions of their people. And that is what I’m really passionate about. The thought of alchemy from medicine and nature has inspired me.

However, as a doctor, I know the limitations of raw nature. I want to bring its reputation to its fullest potential. To do that, I have to combine the ingredients from the untouched nature mixing it with medical science to give it full justice that it deserves. This is where WILD comes after.

What makes WILD different from all the other existing clinics in Bangkok?

Bangkok's Wild Clinic Reception

Our very first idea of doing WILD Clinic is that we really want to deliver a positive vibe where everyone walks out of our clinic happy. In order to do that, we need to ensure that our treatments and services convey a thoroughly enjoyable experience and at the same time provide a visible and palpable result that every client would enjoy throughout the whole process from the moment they walk in until they get home. In addition, we are committed to using as much organic, cruelty-free, and vegan products as we possibly can to make all of this possible.

How did the journey to building WILD change your perspective in business and in life?

WILD has definitely transformed me as a doctor and also as a man. Even after spending so many years in the Asian cosmetic industry, make business out of something you love and believe in, plus revolting out of the current mainstream, it has not been an easy task. Still, I do believe that people love what other people are passionate about. And in the end, everything will work out fine.

What can the people of Bangkok expect from WILD?

Treatment Room at Bangkok's Wild Clinic

We are committed to delivering the new standards of treatments that do not only have medically-proven results, but also have a well-designed indulging experience that we hope to make a profound impact from our naturally-derived ingredients to the very skin of our clients. The people of Bangkok will have a revolutionary experience in the art and medicine of skincare and cutting-edge technology treatment.

Any other up and coming projects to follow soon? What are they?

We are experimenting on an “aromatic bar” where our clients can make their own favorite mix of essential oils according to their preferences and symptoms.

Also, we are initiating the WILD Skincare movement wherein the active ingredients are sourced directly from the wilderness. It should hit the market by early March 2018… So better stay tuned!