Introducing: “The Gift of Time: A Merry Menlyn World Awaits”


Let Menlyn transport you to a world where every tick is a treat and every tock is a treasure! Why wish upon a star when you can wander through Menlyn’s magical, merry world of wonder? As the clock hands dance and the festive chimes ring, each moment in our enchanting realm is a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

Prepare to be dazzled, delighted, and a tad bit dizzied as we bend time and bring merriment to every minute at Menlyn’s showstopper festive program. Come, lose yourself (and perhaps find that perfect gift) in the festive frolic that only Menlyn Park can offer. With 177,000 square metres of retail bliss and over 400-stores to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect treasures for your special ones this season.


What’s in-store for Menlyn shoppers this festive? 

Ding! Dong! The time has come to give Menlyn shoppers the “Gift of Time”. This year, Menlyn Park is sprinkling a dash of fairy dust, turning every moment into a timeless spectacle. So, gather your crew, big and small, furry or not, and waltz into Menlyn for a shopping escapade that’s nothing short of magical.

What’s Ticking at Africa’s Grandest Shopping Destination? See below for a summarised breakdown of what to expect: 


  1. The Gift of Time, Time Capsule: Bring the little ones to take their imaginations on an adventure exploring 6-mesmerising play-pods where each tick in the capsule has a tale to tell.


  1. Themed-Christmas Trees: Marvel at trees adorned in tales and trinkets, each telling its own luxurious story.


  1. Gift-Wrapping Galore: Wrap up joy and generosity, with every glittering ribbon’s proceeds going to a heartwarming cause. At Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, we elevate the art of gifting, offering a superior gift-wrapping service that meticulously-packages each present. Furthermore, each gift can be curated with a custom-printed ribbon ensuring a truly bespoke gifting experience.


  1. Snap away at Menlyn’s curated Family Portrait Stations: Say ‘Cheese’ with the whole clan – yes, even your Purring Princesses and Barking Barons are welcome!


  1. Live Classical Music: Let the festive rhythms lead your feet and lift your spirits as you meander through Menlyn’s magical lanes.


  1. Menlyn Sky Kids Activities: An immersive outdoor playground of activities will be taking place at the Sky for the little folk of Menlyn to enjoy. Enjoy a leisurely meal at Menlyn Sky and snap a pic of your festive memories in our Enchanted Décor Garden. Children of all ages can revel in independent play at our vibrant array of activities.

[divider]The Time Capsule: A Ticking World of Wonders[/divider]


1 – 3 Dec & 8 – 24 December 2023 (10am – 5pm) 

Get ready to journey through 6 whimsical time-machine pods designed to make time stand still, letting families create lasting memories together. It’s not just any time machine; it’s a bewitching one that slows time down, blending festive favourites like twinkling trees and lights with a splash of futuristic flair.

Nestled in the heart of Menlyn Park – Cavendish Court, the Time Capsule is your ticket to captivating adventures. Explore a collection of spellbinding experiences, from the mesmerising Time Travel Cinema to the imagination-stoking Control Room:


  1. Time Travel Cinema: Be whisked away to a festive tale at Santa’s North Pole factory with our animated short film “The Gift of Time”. Witness the magic unfold every 15-minutes, and don’t forget to snag your special ‘gift of time’ afterwards! Listen closely as our tales come to life, narrated by renowned local talents like award-winning actress Simoné Pretorius and celebrated TV presenter Harmony Katulondi.


  1. Imagination Pod & Control Room: Unleash creativity with interactive games and free-play areas in collaboration with our top-notch Menlyn tenants. We’ve also added in a nifty component where kids will be afforded the opportunity of ranking some of their favourite toys of 2023 – making it a breeze for parents to spot the latest toy trends.


  1. Future Library: Cosy up with classic and contemporary reads, and look out for special appearances by beloved book characters.


  1. Centre Stage: Whimsy awaits with enchanting performances, and when the curtain closes, snap a selfie to remember your trip.


  1. Stack a Snowman AR: Experience a frosty fun like no other – craft your Snowman using augmented reality!


  1. Central Park Chill Zone: Parents, we’ve got you! Decompress in our futuristic lounge, savour a cuppa, and let the young ones revel.


Visit the magical pods, and enjoy the ultimate “Gift of Time” family getaway at Menlyn Park.




Secure your spot at by pre-booking under the ‘Experiences’ tab. Each delightful 60-minute experience is just R50 per child. Pay directly at the Time Capsule—debit/credit cards welcomed. Parents/guardians, while your kids immerse in fun, enjoy a moment of relaxation in our dedicated chill zone—your entry is on us!

[divider]Themed-Christmas Trees: Redefining Festive Décor[/divider]


29 November 2023 – 29 December 2023 

Menlyn is redefining festive décor this season with Themed-Christmas trees that exude luxury and flair. Elevating the traditional holiday staple, Menlyn introduces opulent trees themed after renowned brands like Hendrick’s Gin. For the aficionados of sophistication, snap a photo with our resplendent Hendrick’s Gin tree, tag @menlynsa, and you could be sipping on a premium Hendrick’s prize.

But the magic doesn’t stop there—in addition to the Hendrick’s tree, Menlyn will have other “Menlyn Premium Brands” trees scattered across the centre. ‘The Gift of Time’ unfolds, welcoming you to a sumptuous Menlyn world this festive season. Your merry Menlyn experience awaits.


[divider]Gift Wrapping Galore: Gift of Time Wrapping Stations[/divider]


1 December 2023 – 24 December 2023 

The Gift of Time: Menlyn’s elevated gift wrapping experience returns

celebrated for presenting the most-opulent gift wrapping services across the region. Menlyn is once again poised to captivate the festive crowd. This year, we’re enhancing our iconic wrapping tradition by introducing three artfully-themed gift wrapping kiosks, unveiled in a phased manner to cater to the growing holiday fever. Each week will witness the addition of a new kiosk, each seamlessly blending with our overarching festive theme.

In Menlyn’s commitment to delivering an unmatched experience, only the most proficient staff will be at your service, ensuring every gift you give is wrapped with precision and panache. Patrons can anticipate an exquisite array of premium wrapping options, tailor-made for the discerning shopper. Furthermore, each gift can be curated with a custom-printed ribbon ensuring a truly bespoke gifting experience.

For a seamless transaction, our kiosks are transitioning to cashless platforms, facilitated by YOCO machines.

Choose Menlyn this festive season, and embrace the true essence of ‘The Gift of Time’.

[divider]Curated Menlyn Family Portraits: A Modern Twist on Timeless Festive Memories[/divider]


8 December 2023 – 24 December 2023 

Menlyn invites you to cherish the ‘Gift of Time’ this festive season in the most picture-perfect manner. Moving beyond the traditional Santa snapshots, we’re embracing the thriving selfie culture and the allure of styled shoots. Introducing two resplendent festive-themed photo cubes, adorned with décor that’s set to impress.

Families can drop by to click their spontaneous selfies or, for those seeking a touch of curated elegance, pre-book a professionally styled family shoot. From enchanting props and outfits to expert hair and makeup services, every detail will be meticulously-catered for, ensuring your festive memories are truly unforgettable. And for our shoppers with Purring Princesses and Barking Barons? A special evening has been reserved just for you.

To freeze your festive moments in style, simply book your slot online at under the “Experiences” tab. And for those who wish to keep these memories close, options to order canvas prints and photo books will be available. This season, Menlyn promises not just memories, but timeless keepsakes – Giving you “The Gift of Time”!


[divider]Menlyn’s Symphony of Festivity: Live Classical Music  [/divider]


2, 3 December 2023

9, 10 December 2023

15, 16, 17, December 2023

23 December 2023


Amidst the twinkling lights and festive flavour, Menlyn is set to elevate the holiday spirit with a musical extravaganza. This season, as shoppers wander through the mall’s decorated corridors, they’ll be serenaded by the harmonious melodies of classical music ensembles. From intimate duos and trios to grand, sweeping classical music performances, every note will resonate with the joy of the holidays.

Curated to align with key dates on the festive calendar, these musical renditions will be presented multiple times, ensuring that every visitor, irrespective of their shopping schedule, gets a taste of this auditory delight. By weaving together shopping and symphony, Menlyn promises an unparalleled festive experience, where every moment is accentuated by the timeless beauty of classical music.

[divider]Sky-High Playtime at Menlyn: A Festive Wonderland for Little Explorers![/divider]


2 December 2023 – 24 December 2023 

This festive season, Menlyn beckons all young adventurers to Menlyn Sky, a magical realm where imagination takes flight. In our pursuit to fill every nook and cranny with enchantment, the “Gift of Time” activation is every child’s dream come true. Drenched in cheerful red and white, the area sparkles with fun-filled activities.

Enjoy a leisurely meal at Menlyn Sky and snap a pic of your festive memories in our Enchanted Décor Garden. Children of all ages can revel in independent play at our vibrant array of activities. Bouncy castles reach for the stars, soft play zones await tiny feet eager to explore, zippy push bikes race in merry circles, and giant Jenga towers challenge little builders. And for an extra sprinkle of magic, each day brings face painters ready to transform cherubic cheeks and balloon artists weaving colourful tales in the air.

At Menlyn, festive wonder awaits at every corner, and our youngest visitors are in for the most-delightful discoveries!