Talent-spotter and director of her very own 33 & Me Talent Agency, Elsubie is the type of person who sees nothing less than the stellar best in people. After many scintillating years and much spotlight-induced ‘forehead dew’, the Dame of Destiny & Dreams, herself, has even more wisdom to impart. 

We checked in with the far-too-humble , lady herself to see what exactly she has planned for her next TV show and how the road to the present always paves a fortress for our strength at heart and provides wisdom for comfort of soul. 

Read further to see what questions we threw her way and how she retorts with wisdom and authenticity. 


How would you define your impact on the up-and-coming talents you bring to the spotlight? No need to be modest! 

I believe that the difference I have made with my remarkable team in the past 13 years truly changed the lives of thousands. Being able to watch both local and international success stories come through from the platforms we have created has ultimately been life changing. Local and international success alongside the mindset growth we have secured in the local film and fashion industry has been the most inspiring purpose for my life. As an agent being the only agency the New York Film Academy has aligned with in South Africa for the past 11 years speak for itself.  


Is there any particular event which sparked the inspiration for ‘Live Your Dream’?

I always had the desire to align with a TV Show which motivates, empowers and educates artists and models, also creating opportunities for aspiring artists. Live Your Dream is a purpose driven TV Show that has been cultivated in my heart over the years. I started in the film and fashion industry 24 years ago and I can recall for as long as I have been in the industry that I want to be part of an empowering platform where artists and models from all backgrounds will get a fair chance at being an artist or model. Being a struggling artist from a fairly poor background was the driving force to be a force of inspiration to chance the nation.


You have mentioned that you wish to communicate to a broader audience, what is the one message you’d like to give your newest watchers/admirers?

 Live Your Dream will show viewers what it truly takes to be an industry professional alongside the fact that you need to understand what it takes. It is a show that aims to educate and inspire, guide and direct aspiring talent to have the faith and hope to make their dreams a living reality especially in a time like now. It creates courage in a time of uncertainty and creates Leaders for tomorrow’s generation who will be inspired to share and own their stories and backgrounds and drive their dreams into a living reality. Going and growing from being a ‘wannabe’ to understanding what you need to put in and what it would take to enter the performing ARTS and fashion industry. It will truly be an insight to the public of what the inside of our world looks like and how the industry can truly become a real career and not just a fairy tale hobby.

Which non-performing arts skill do you believe every performer/talent should practice to attain success at just being the best version of themselves? 

Character is key! Your career and personal life need to match. It’s very difficult to maintain otherwise! Be true to yourself and know that confidence has no competition, don’t compete with industry leaders and those working in the industry with years of experience. Stay true to yourself also, never become a copy of someone else’s identity. If it’s not your story don’t walk around trying to be someone or something you think the world is looking for, rather show them who you are as that is the most attractive element you can hold onto. Believe that your time will come, don’t skip the steps to make it to the top by stepping on others, it won’t last. In an industry filled with competition and working professionals, choose to walk in faith and know what you stand for or else you will fall for everything and anything the world and industry offers. 


Paulo Coelho once said: “Only children believe they are capable of everything.” Have you learned anything from your three kids which may just help anyone losing faith in their abilities and talents?  How do you remain composed and confident? 

Being a mother of three children is a blessing and teaches you super power skills on time management and multitasking. We all share a love for sport and I spend a lot of time on the side of the field being the loudest in the crowd. I support my children wholeheartedly the same way my mother supported me. My son is the driving force that inspired me to rise above my financial situation. 

They never adjust and change to fit in, they rather walk away and stand out. Two things I teach my kids are ‘show me your friends and I will show you your future’, followed by ‘where the mind goes the man follows’! Our family prays together, believe together and we stand on a strong value system.

Having an autoimmune disease ‘LADA’ which is truly difficult. Some days you just wake up and your body is weak and tired. Knowing that I have to keep going not just for my own children but for so many others that need me in their lives to make their dreams come true helps me a lot. My kids and I have learned the value of quality time and we do our best to enjoy our moments together. I choose to never allow my diagnosis to define my destiny, my kids are my motivation in every challenge and together tomorrow is another day and we always say ‘just because you have a bad day, does not mean you have a bad life’

Composure and confidence is a mental choice.. We all have the power of choice and we need to think carefully about our inner voice and how we choose to compare ourselves with others. I am driven by my dreams and desires to be a stronger women today than what I was yesterday!


What can South Africa expect from your brand new tv series? 

South Africa can definitely get ready to taste the inside world of the performing ARTS and fashion industry. Live Your Dream is going to educate, empower and inspire a nation allowing educated and uneducated individuals from all back grounds to get a fair chance at making their dream a living reality. We not searching for perfection we are driving potential. Hopeful individuals with talent and a dream in their heart will for once, now also get their time to shine. We will guide and inspire hopefuls to move in the right direction and provide them the necessary platforms to work towards their goals being lead by facts and faith towards their dreams. 


What sort of talents are on display in ‘Live Your Dream? 

Live Your Dream in collaboration with Be Your Dream will host auditions with The International ARTS Talent Showcase whereby auditions and workshops will be hosted throughout all 9 provinces in South Africa. Creating local and international career and casting opportunities while educating artist and models on becoming leading professionals whereby they can Live their dream to the fullest. We will be working with Models, Actors, Singers and Dancers covering all 4 principles in the industry. Live Your Dream will definitely manifest the fact that we might be a third world country, but we have first world potential.

The ‘Live Your Dream’ program runs hand in hand with the ‘Be Your Dream’ TV Show on ViaTV Channel 147.The show will host numerous workshops and educational training sessions alongside live screenings of the company’s annual auditions for The International ARTS Talent Showcase (IATS). Every year the IATS gives local entertainers a platform to showcase their talent to top international talent scouts from across the globe, bridging the gap between Africa and the world.


[divider]AUDITION NOTICE[/divider]

The first IATS auditions to be televised as part of the ‘Live Your Dream’ television show, will take place in Cape Town on 22 May. If you are an actor, singer, model, dancer or voice-over artist and would like to participate in the IATS auditions, email Its Arts Africa for more info.