Spectators attending the Cape Town E-Prix on 25 February 2023, the first ABB FIA Formula E World Championship race to be held in Sub-Saharan Africa, are in for a spectacle. The environmentally-centred race is the 5th round of the global season showcasing a high-speed race, promoting sustainability and using electric vehicles. However, beyond the race itself, in our spectacular Cape Town, spectators will experience The Heineken® Greener Bar for the first time.


Experience the thrill of all-electric racing in the Mother City


The world’s first all-electric FIA World Championship and the only sport certified net zero carbon since inception is showcasing how elite sport and sustainability can co-exist. This season, Formula E introduced the third-generation race car – the GEN3 – which is the fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient electric race car ever built.

Set against the spectacular backdrop of Table Mountain and Signal Hill, the championship is expected to be one of the season’s fastest tracks. The flowing lines of this new street circuit which winds through the city’s Green Point and Waterfront districts are expected to be a true test for the GEN3 which is capable of reaching 322kph from 600kW of total power.

“While Formula E brings adrenaline junkies together for an intense, edge-of-your-seat greener racing experience, Heineken® brings people together to enjoy a greener way to chill, always giving people a choice to drink responsibly with alcohol-free Heineken® 0.0. Our ambition is to make the world a little greener every day to ensure that we can all continue to share good times together in a healthy environment,” says Jordi Borrut, HEINEKEN South Africa’s Managing Director.

Aligned with HEINEKEN’s Brew a Better World (BaBW) strategy, the Heineken® Greener Bar uses building methods, materials, and technology to help reduce waste, emissions, water and energy use and improve the way Heineken® reduces, recycles, and reuses materials at events. The original sustainable event bar concept was launched overseas, signalling a move to circularity in the bar space and continues offering a greener entertainment experience for sports lovers with no compromise on their bar experience. As a global sponsor of the most exciting motorsport event in South Africa in 2023, Heineken®’s Greener Bar is a hub for innovation and learning, showcasing advancements in sustainable manufacturing, art, and even fashion.

Jamie Reigle, CEO, Formula E, said: “Formula E provides all of our teams and partners with a unique platform to develop cutting edge technology and sustainable initiatives that can have a real impact on our daily lives. We’re so pleased to be working with Heineken® on its innovative Greener Bar and to showcase it for the first time here in Cape Town – highlighting simple ways fans and consumers can benefit from entertainment and hospitality in a fun and sustainable way ”

[divider]The ultimate circular bar experience[/divider]


Every element of the bar has had a life before or will have a life after the bar is gone, offering a completely circular bar experience. From the uniforms, through to the use of reusable kegs, pallets & cups at the bar to a circular waste stream through recycling waste, everything in the bar is reusable or recyclable to give consumers the ultimate greener bar experience.

Specifically designed for the South African market, all of the elements of the bar have been produced in Cape Town to reduce emissions and transport costs and will be reused for future events. All, glass, metals, paper, and cardboard used in the Greener Bar will be recycled through local recycling partners Greenway Africa to benefit local waste reclaimers in Khayelitsha. Production and hospitality teams will be sourced locally in support of local economic development.


[divider]The Greener Bar’s eco considerations include[/divider]


Lower energy use: The Heineken® Greener Bar will be primarily powered through a blend of energy from the grid and biofuel sourced generators on site. Thanks to Formula E’s net zero carbon strategy with renewable energy certificates. Our use of LED lighting and standardised draught equipment ensures a low power draw, focusing on energy efficiency.

Uniforms and Clothing: The Heineken Greener Bar is moving towards zero waste uniforms – The staff are wearing clothing created from recycled Heineken® uniforms so nothing has gone to waste. These uniforms have been used at over 10 events since their creation.

Reusable Cups: The Bar is introducing reusable cups – These aluminium cups are yours to enjoy during the race weekend; consumers are encouraged to reuse these throughout the event and then either deposit into recycling bins to be hygienically cleaned and reused or kept by patrons for future races and events.

Reusable Kegs: are in place that when maintained properly they have an average lifetime of over 300 uses.

Bar Construction: The Heineken Greener Bar is designed to fit the materials that have been used or will be used again for future events. For example, the steel mesh panels and artworks in set walls and reflective surfaces have been repurposed from previous campaign events.

Bar counters, bar back counters, registration plinths and signage stands are made from sustainably sourced lightweight fast-growing plywood with minimal wastage due to efficient building techniques. This minimises any offcuts or unusable ply by designing elements that are as near to the sheet sizes as possible. The bar equipment is long-lasting and standardised for future use across industry brand owned and sponsored events, and activations

Signage and menus will be produced from a natural fibre-based board consisting of recycled kraft materials, providing a VOC-free alternative to MDF.

Zero flooring– by not producing carpeting or flooring – often treated as single use in the events industry – we are using less energy in production, and preventing further unnecessary waste

Low water use – rather than plumbed/tapped basins using excess water, all water used in the bar will be minimal and from storage containers to track and monitor use. Thereafter the grey water that is collected will be reused to water plants.

The Heineken Greener Bar is a living bar with natural planting that is used on a rental basis and these plants will return to the supplier for future reuse.


[divider]Brewing a Better World[/divider]


“As part of HEINEKEN’s Brew a Better World strategy, we want to ensure that the entire business, from barley to bar, is run as sustainably as possible. The Greener Bar is our latest pitstop on this journey, allowing us to take action to reduce carbon emissions, energy, waste, and water through innovation and collaboration while enabling people to share the good times responsibly and eco-consciously with a refreshing Heineken® or Heineken 0.0” adds HEINEKEN Corporate Affair Director, Millicent Maroga.

“Environment, social, and responsibility are the three pillars supporting our Brew a Better World strategy. They represent a path to zero impact, a path to an inclusive, fair, and equitable world, and a path to moderation and no harmful use. It’s a strategy that guides our actions and efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, to support our people and our communities, and to encourage healthy choices, moderation, and responsible consumption and consumerism. With our knowledge from the brewing industry and ongoing events, we can help drive a more sustainable solution for the global events industry,” concludes Borrut.


Always remember when you drive, never drink, let’s leave the driving to the Formula E champions.