Smirnoff may be the world’s number 1 vodka, but at its heart, Smira mira as it is known here has strong South African roots! It is this south African heritage especially in KZN that necessitated the brand to give back, by contributing R10M to aid in the recovery of taverns in KZN affected by recent looting.

“We know that many tavern owners have been negatively affected by the recent events in the country and province. This is why it is important for us to rebuild alongside these establishments in KZN and show that we are in this together,” says Gregory Tabane, Head of White Spirits at Diageo SA.

The R10M will go a long way in restoring local KZN taverns that lost years of investment to the unrest, resulting in such personal and economic devastation that some entrepreneurs have been left in doubt if they can ever build again. This financial assistance will come as a welcome relief and a glimpse of hope that will ensure these taverns get a much-needed ‘leg-up’.

Further to this, Tabane adds: “taverns in KZN have been the heart and soul of our products for many years, therefore, we can’t sit back and not lend a hand in restoring the very same people who have played a significant role in our product. We have been touched and impressed by the spirit of resilience shown by many ordinary South Africans as they try to clean up and rebuild not only the physical spaces, but also the economy that has been in a stranglehold due to COVID-19 and other factors.”

As South Africa slowly limps toward a long and difficult road to recovery, it is by looking back at the history of ‘never say die’ resolve that shaped Smirnoff 1818 that we take heart, knowing that the human spirit can overcome any obstacle.

Diageo South Africa which is home to the Smirnoff 1818 brand recently announced that the business will be providing relief funds to support a number of taverners in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

As the country’s regulations have been eased and the broken pieces are gradually coming together, Smirnoff 1818 encourages responsible drinking at all times.