Nestled in the heart of Morningside, Johannesburg on 29 January 2024, the elegant Club Como, a restaurant renowned for its modern Mediterranean cuisine, set the stage for a luxurious afternoon of culinary and sensory indulgence. Orchestrated by none other than Inverroche, the distinguished distillery that pioneered the craft gin movement in South Africa. Inverroche seamlessly marries traditional botanicals from the Cape Floral Kingdom  to create the unique and unmistakably African notes and taste profile in its gins.

Under the expert guidance of Lauren Penny, Inverroche Global Brand Ambassador, guests embarked on an exclusive Inverroche dining  experience that celebrated the harmonious fusion of gin with fine dining, amplifying the unique profiles from both gin and curated food for the ultimate tasting delight.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a refreshing and invigorating welcome drink known as “Apollo’s Punch.” This delightful concoction featured Inverroche Amber gin, complemented by the zesty notes of lemon and the subtle sweetness of orgeat syrup. This tantalising prelude set the tone for an afternoon filled with epicurean adventures. 

Each course was meticulously crafted to complement the unique profiles of Inverroche’s gins, ensuring that every bite and sip was a symphony of flavours.

Inverroche Gin & Food Pairing Menu:

1. Classic Gin:

Ceviche: Chef Nikita presented a Spanish-style ceviche featuring sea bass, infused with the zesty freshness of lime, coriander, parsley, dill, a subtle touch of chilli, and crowned with creamy avocado.

2. Amber Gin:

Rump in Hummus: Delight in tender cubes of seared rump steak, resting elegantly on a luscious bed of hummus, drizzled with rich pomegranate molasses, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, and garnished with succulent strawberries, a dash of sesame oil, and warm pita bread.

3. Verdant Gin:

Burrata Limón: Chef Nikita’s culinary artistry shone as he presented freshly sliced tomatoes marinated in Inverroche’s signature house dressing. Crowned with a lemon-infused burrata ball and garnished with crispy fried basil leaves and a drizzle of chive oil.

Each course was an embodiment of culinary craftsmanship, artfully prepared to elevate the unique botanical profiles of Inverroche’s Classic, Verdant, and Amber gins. The journey unfolded as Chef Nikita unveiled the exquisite flavours of each dish, guiding guests through a multi-sensory experience that tantalised both the palate and the spirit.

Inverroche gin and chocolate experience:

Following this adventure, it was time for the highly anticipated Inverroche gin and chocolate pairing experience. Lauren Penny, led this part of the evening, taking attendees on a guided tasting journey. Three exceptional chocolates were presented, each meticulously paired with an Inverroche gin variant:

  1. Inverroche Classic Gin paired with Milk Chocolate: This delightful pairing featured a milk chocolate truffle with a luscious lemon curd filling, harmonising beautifully with the citrusy notes of Classic Gin.
  2. Inverroche Verdant Gin paired with White Chocolate: A white chocolate truffle with a preserved green fig filling danced in harmony with the Verdant Gin, creating a symphony of flavours.
  3. Inverroche Amber Gin paired with Dark Chocolate: The dark chocolate truffle with its salted caramel filling provided the perfect counterpoint to the complex, earthy notes of Amber Gin.

The evening culminated with a choice of sumptuous main courses, each a masterpiece in its own right:

  • Lemon Fillet: A 250g, 45-day dry-aged fillet, nestled on a velvety lemon butter and dill emulsion.
  • Sea Bass: Guests savoured a honey and ouzo-poached sea bass fillet, grilled to perfection in butter, served on a vibrant bed of lemon baby spinach, accompanied by grilled vegetables, charred leeks, and a lavish topping of caviar.
  • Calamaretti Short Rib: Indulge in ring-shaped pasta adorned with a 12-hour slow-cooked beef short rib ragu, elegantly garnished with pecorino Romano.
  • Melenzane Zesta: Chef Nikita’s final creation featured a char-grilled aubergine steak resting on a velvety bed of whipped feta, drizzled with pomegranate molasses, and crowned with Greek chimichurri and a sprinkle of roasted chopped nuts.

Inverroche’s enchanting evening at Club Como Restaurant was a testament to their dedication to crafting exceptional spirits that capture the essence of South Africa’s rich and diverse botanical heritage. From the first sip of Apollo’s Punch to the last exquisite bite of the main course, this culinary adventure was a true celebration of the art of pairing fine gin with delectable cuisine in a setting that epitomized elegance and sophistication.