Picture this, a sunny afternoon spent sipping on your favourite vino whilst exploring over 500 local wineries or even better, learning from 67 of South Africa’s finest cooks, chefs, gardeners, bakers, farmers, foragers and local food heroes. Sounds like something out of a foodie’s dreams doesn’t it?

Fortunately, these dreams are a reality in the pages of two of Quivertree Publications’ beautiful books. Founded nearly twenty years ago, Quivertree has produced a string of award-winning publications. It all started with a meeting of minds. Two established professionals – Libby Doyle, designer and Craig Fraser, photographer. More Than Food is incredibly excited to be able to showcase a number of their celebrated titles.


Join us this month as we take a journey between the covers of The Great South African Cookbook and Modern Wineries of South Africa.


[divider]The Great South African Cookbook[/divider]

Featuring over 130 recipes from tried and true classics to contemporary fare – We cannot wait to dive into the infinite deliciousness this book holds. A real showcase of the diversity and creativity of South Africa’s vibrant and unique food culture.

67 notable contributors let us into their homes – and their hearts – as they share the recipes they make for the people they love.

Reuben Riffel, Ina Paarman, Siba Mtongana, Dorah Sithole, Luke Dale-Roberts, Phillippa Cheifitz, Cass Abrahams, Kobus van der Merwe, Abigail Donnelly, David Higgs, Jan Braai, Anna Trapido,

Jackie Cameron and Justine Drake, amongst others.

No local food lover’s collection is complete without a copy of this truly great cookbook!


[divider]Modern Wineries of South Africa[/divider]

We’ve had the pleasure of spending many hours journeying through our luscious local wineries. After each trip, we delight in the memories we created whilst admiring Craig’s wonderful winelands photography.

South Africa is part of the new world of wine, the wineries presented in this book are a representation of the evolution of the industry, the way it appeals through architecture and philosophy to the sophisticated wine drinking market.

Peruse these pages to learn more about the richly diverse estates we are blessed with in South Africa as you plan your next wine excursion.


The Great South African Cookbook and Modern Wineries of South Africa are both available from Loot, Exclusive Books, Takealot, Readers Warehouse and Graffiti.