High-quality ice cream has a lot in common with a fairy tale. Love for both begins in childhood and remains for life, both are associated with something good and positive, and as the fairy tale teaches to distinguish between good and evil, ice cream teaches to distinguish good taste from bad. Ice cream Luciano is an infinitely kind and sweet fairy tale, which was invented by the good storyteller Luc Blok. It is a story in which there are only good characters and which is far from being finished.

A new chapter of this fairy tale was written just recently, when Luciano became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Ice Creams in the World, and this is just another round of a long story, which dates back to 1983. This year, young Luc Blok had finished high school and decided to start working in the ice cream parlor that belonged to his parents. The passion he experienced when he first came into contact with an ice cream box changed his life dramatically.

Instead of starting at the Hotel Management School, Luc took an ice cream cart and started the ice cream business at the age of 18 in the village of Wassenaar (Netherlands). Eventually, he changed the cart to an ice cream truck, and with his wife, Angelique, continued to develop his favorite business, trading in different spots of the village.

In 1996, a beautiful building opened its doors to the first visitors – it was Luс and Angelique’s dream to have their own ice cream parlor that became a reality. It was the beginning of Luciano (the brand’s name is derived from Luc, while the inverted A in the logo refers to Angelique). Today, the company has grown to 12 ice cream shops across the Netherlands. Luc has always focused on product development, finding new flavors and constantly improving quality. With the growing popularity of the store in Wassenaar, several enthusiasts appreciated the highest quality of Luciano products and wanted to sell this ice cream in other cities. To achieve the necessary level of training, they had to spend a few months in the original Luciano store to get the necessary skills and the privilege to sell this premium ice cream.

In 2007, Luc Blok received the title SVH Meesterijsbereider, the highest degree of professional competence in the field of ice cream preparation in the Netherlands. It was one of the most important and climactic moments in the story of Luciano.

Like any person who has tasted Luciano ice cream, Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts were delighted with the great taste and variety of offers. 32 artisanal ice cream flavors provide a great choice for everyone. The ice cream is freshly prepared every day in the most modern ice machines and with the use of fresh and carefully selected natural ingredients. Every guest of the shop can observe the preparation of ice cream in the professional ice cream factory located in the middle of the shop.

Luciano offers both traditional natural ice cream flavors, such as Madagascar Vanilla, Dutch strawberry, Colombian bananas, Italian (Piemontese) Hazelnuts, Sicilian pistachios, and flavors that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, tamarind ice cream, which is sold only in Luciano Bonaire and prepared using syrup from a local resident.

In addition, Luciano strives to please and meet the tastes of every customer. Therefore, when ordering, you can mention your specific preferences related to diet, vegetarianism, religious beliefs, allergies, and the team will do everything to make you enjoy the delicious taste and join the fans of fresh and natural ice cream, which seems to come from a very kind fairy tale to make reality a little brighter.