In a world often clouded by challenges, the radiant heritage of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela shines as a beacon of inspiration. As we navigate this intricate landscape, drawing from the legacy of remarkable icons who have bequeathed a treasure trove of wisdom and resilience becomes imperative. Among them, Mandela – the human rights activist, former president, and global symbol of courage – continues to guide us towards a future enriched with creativity and empowerment.

Located in Johannesburg, Sanctuary Mandela is a heartfelt tribute to Mandela’s unwavering spirit. His legacy, rooted in pursuing a better world, infuses every corner of the hotel. The embodiment of his creative vision inspires us to unlock our potential and reach for our aspirations.

During this vibrant heritage month, Sanctuary Mandela takes centre stage in celebrating the profound creative essence of Mandela. The hotel’s halls will come alive with the ingenuity of young artisans, each a torchbearer of innovation in our country. Through their talents, the colours of creativity, the artistry of wine, and the intricate elegance of graphite sketches intertwine, echoing the timeless wisdom of Mandela: “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.”

Meet Carmen Stevens, a pioneering force in the world of winemaking. As the first black South African to study the art of winemaking, Carmen embarked on her journey in 1995. Since then, her presence has become an enduring South African Wine Industry hallmark. In January 2019, Carmen achieved another milestone by registering the first 100% black-owned winery in the idyllic setting of Stellenbosch. These award-winning wines pay homage to nature’s gifts, skillfully highlighting the unique attributes of each growing season. “You will taste a depth and complexity of character in our wines,” Carmen passionately affirms.

From wine to art, Zwelakhe Ngobese’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of creativity. A self-taught artist from Duduza, Nigel, Ngobese’s passion for African culture comes alive through his intricate graphite pencil artworks. “I employ the power of the pen to tell African stories,” he says, preserving heritage through his art. Alongside his artistic pursuits, Ngobese is pursuing Biomedical Technology studies at the Vaal University of Technology.

Onto fashion, meet Ledikana Creations, a 100% women-owned fashion and accessories brand that shines as a vibrant testament to empowerment. Founded in 2014, Ledikana Creations seamlessly blends contemporary design with the rich tapestry of African culture. As they honour the heritage and embrace individuality, Ledikana’s creations come alive as vivid canvases, reflecting the kaleidoscope of South Africa’s colours. In fashion, this brand embodies the essence of reaching one’s fullest potential and becoming a beacon of inspiration for others.

Within the ethos of Motsamayi, our properties stand as platforms for transformation, skills development, and talent showcasing on a global stage. This goes beyond traditional job creation within the realm of hospitality. It’s about celebrating diverse skills, arts, and unique attributes. Through this approach, we not only contribute to employment and the supply chain but also elevate the profiles of entrepreneurs who share our values and visions. This celebration becomes a crown tribute, a testament to our commitment to empowering and uplifting SMMEs. Our dedication extends far beyond the boundaries of a typical hotel, resonating with our guests, media, and influencers alike.

In harmony with Mandela’s enduring commitment to empowerment, Sanctuary Mandela invites you to an enchanting evening. This celebration of young artisans – Nyawo, Ngobese, and the team at Ledikana – is a testament to the collective success forged through individual empowerment. As we reflect on Mandela’s faith in determination, innovation, and perseverance to achieve the extraordinary, let us embrace our heritage of overcoming obstacles, channelling our creative spirit, and celebrating the same in others.