The Prawnery, a beacon of culinary excellence renowned for its innovative fusion of flavours and captivating dining experiences, proudly announces its relocation to the vibrant Keyes Art Mile district in Rosebank. With a blend of excitement and nostalgia, The Prawnery invites patrons to journey with their daring culinary twists in its new home.

The Prawnery’s transition to the heart of the Keyes Art Mile district marks a significant milestone in its culinary odyssey. Situated amidst the thriving arts and cultural scene, the new location serves as an ideal backdrop for guests to immerse themselves in a dining experience unlike any other. The menu boasts timeless classics yet you would have certainly never experienced them quite like this before.

Renowned for its mastery of open-fire cooking techniques, The Prawnery beckons patrons to explore a tantalising array of flavours with its Teppanyaki grills. With a great focus on succulent taste of the sea, the restaurant promises an unparalleled culinary voyage that celebrates the diversity of tastes and textures.

At the heart of The Prawnery’s culinary prowess lies its hibachi – an eye-catching spectacle in the centre of the restaurant – revered for their ability to infuse food with an irresistible charcoal flavour while delivering searing heat. This further elevates the dining experience, inviting guests to savour every moment amidst the ambiance of crackling flames and sizzling delights.

Beyond its culinary offerings, The Prawnery’s new home boasts an exquisite decor and design that captivates the senses. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding artistic environment, the restaurant’s ambiance reflects a harmonious blend of modern elegance and timeless sophistication, creating an atmosphere that resonates deeply with both patrons and connoisseurs alike.

“We are thrilled to unveil The Prawnery’s new chapter in the vibrant tapestry of Keyes Art Mile,” remarked Co-Owner Monwabisi Thethe. “Our relocation signifies not just a change in address, but a continuation of our commitment to culinary excellence and unparalleled hospitality. With our new home as our canvas, we invite guests to reminisce and create new memories with us, as we embark on this exciting culinary journey together.”

As The Prawnery sets sail towards new horizons, patrons can expect the same dedication to quality, innovation, and passion that has defined the restaurant’s legacy. Whether indulging in the exquisite flavours of the sea and land, or immersing oneself in the captivating ambiance of Keyes Art Mile, The Prawnery invites guests to rediscover the art of dining in its purest form.