“Eat, drink and be merry” is a saying we all know well and this is the ideal way to describe my evening of dining and laughter at Montecasino. Their Dine & Show experience was an opportunity to indulge in a delicious meal at the beautifully renovated Donatella’s Italian Seafood and Grillhouse, followed by opening night of funny-man Alan Committie’s Planet Mirth.

You know you’re in for a memorable evening when on arrival, you are escorted to a private table with your show tickets ready and waiting. Choosing which of Donatella’s dishes to try wasn’t an easy task but as recommended by manager Steve Demos, I opted for a starter of Haloumi Montecasino followed by the signature oven baked Kleftiko – tender lamb with lemon, garlic and secret mountain herbs.

Hallumi at Montecasino Dine and Show

Our waiter, Major, was a joy and tended to our every whim whilst keeping a keen eye on the time to ensure we made it to the theatre on time. Whilst waiting for our meal, we sipped one of my favourite red wines, Beyerskloof Pinotage. Being a cheese fan, I was impressed by the tasty fried haloumi and it is clear why the Kleftiko is Steve’s pride and joy, slow cooked overnight, it literally fell off the bone. After mains we had some time to share a decadently creamy crème brûlée and then dashed off to the Pieter Toerien Theatre for some laughs.

We settled into our seats just in time for the start of the show. Planet Mirth is a high energy one-man feast of razor-sharp wit. Alan Committie took us through what he calls a “docu-comedy in the highest definition.” It’s the type of ridiculously fast-paced comedy that takes you from the creation to a hilariously reworked version of Despacito. Alan’s physical shenanigans and clever one-liners had us laughing out loud. Our stomach muscles got such a workout, I no longer regretted ordering that dessert.

Montecasino Planet Mirth

At the end of the evening we left with smiles in our bellies and on our faces. The best part is that every Dine & Show experience is so different, all depending on which of the amazing choice of restaurants and productions you choose. No wonder Montecasino is the top entertainment destination in Gauteng.

With so many new shows on the way and the choice of over 20 restaurants, check out Montecasino for a night out you’ll definitely remember!

Photos provided by Strategic Public Relations.