In the non-fiction space is a newly coined genre of “stealth-help” – books which can help people improve their lives without being overtly self-help guides. These memoirs and personal narratives provide real life examples how valuable principles and approach can be applied.

This trend bears out with Viola Davis’s Finding Me topping the bestselling charts both at Exclusive Books, and internationally.

EBR September keys into this stealthy trend with books like Boy on the Run, by Welcome Mandla Lishivha – the tough, fragile and utterly compelling memoir about growing up poor, queer and loved in a South African township, and Power Play, Tim Higgins’s biography of the controversial titan of silicon valley Elon Musk. Another gem is No Retreat, No Surrender – the uplifting account of grit, perseverance, talent and attitude, vividly capturing the determined mindset of an inspirational sporting legend – Oscar Chalupsky.

“We have always been fascinated by what makes us who we are and how we can live better living examples of this make for inspirational and life-changing books.”

The rise of the smart crime and thriller is also something we are seeing reflected in September’s EBR, with Irma Venter’s Red Tide, Ann Cleeves’ Rising Tide as good examples. All the publishers are talking about the inexplicable surge in horror – for both young readers and old. Though not horror, EBR’s Daisy Darker, by Alice Feeney starts leaning towards a decidedly blacker narrative.


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