A petite, feisty song writer, singer, dancer and model – all with a soon-to-be-charting single – aren’t the facets of your typical high school lass. Gabrielle de Gama is one such anomaly, where most used to try and fade into the chaotic landscape in high school, she dares to shine. We chatted to Gabrielle about her earliest memories as a performance artist, the struggles against bullying and why she is the remarkable performer she is today!

You’ll never underestimate what the youth of today can achieve. Read further to find out about her latest lead role in a TV series and her heat-seeking tune, Nasty, which she wrote in isolation during lockdown. Her single will soon be topping charts everywhere!

When do your ideas come to you, in terms of lyrics and song writing?

I feel most inspired to write when I’m alone – by myself in a room. Because you kind of think about all of the events that happened and everything that you’ve been going through. And when I think about what I’ve been doing and all the events happening, and the emotions I feel. It gives me an idea of what I would like to write songs about.


Can you remember the first song you wrote? And can you describe it to me?

I can remember when I was like seven years old (and I think it was awesome) I watched a movie and I had the biggest crush on this guy, in the movie. And I was writing about how much I liked him. I was seven and the song hasn’t been produced or anything but I was just writing it down on paper, you know, just randomly writing down my love.


What’s the one message, about yourself, you would like to convey to people who listen to your songs in the future?

The message I would like to give about myself is that I am a normal person just like everyone else. If my songs do end up going viral and if I do end up getting big, I just want people to know that you know, I’m a very small person, I’ve worked really hard to be where I am – nothing was just given to me and that everything I have was worked for. Also, if they want to, if they want to one day, become their dreams and achieve their goals, they need to realise it takes hard work. Nothing good is given, everything good takes work.


How will you be using your talents, be it singing, dancing or acting, to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves?

In the future, I would like to create a platform for aspiring artists to gain industry knowledge that is not easily given. Being told things you need to know, and to make great connections, in order to gain success in the industry. There is lots of knowledge we need, like how to pitch up, what to wear and all that stuff. So I would like to create a platform to give aspiring artists, just to set them up for the future and. Also helping each other to reach goals and dreams with more commitment, more passion and more knowledge; because once you have knowledge you can take over the world! And I feel like if I can provide you a little bit of knowledge that I wish I knew when I was starting out. It would have changed a lot of things for me.

Which part of community service do you enjoy the best? 

I normally do a lot of charity work and the best part, seeing how happy the underprivileged youth get when they receive just a meal, something that I get as a privilege. So like a normal for me is a privilege for them sometimes like having a meal, eating chips, or just getting the juice. Seeing how grateful they are inspires me to be more grateful for what I have. Because sometimes you forget to be grateful.

The musical, Annie Junior, was your second time on stage. What was the audition process like? Did you know what you were going to sing beforehand and were you nervous? 

It was my first audition for something out there for everyone to see and receive. We had to prepare a 60 second song. But I was really nervous because I wasn’t sure I was gonna get in at the same time.My mom said if I don’t get the role, it’s fine, because she is not going to drive up and down for an orphan. So that kind of like made me more determined to get the role because I really wanted to be in the production. And then I got the role of Annie, it made me so happy. I worked super hard to make sure that I could be the best Annie possible at the time.


You act alongside Game of Thrones’ Lain Glen in a new M-Net series, Reyka. Can you describe your character in one word? 



Lastly, who did you write Nasty for and what message does it carry?

I wrote Nasty for all the haters, the message it carries is that we need to stop hating one another and stick together because hating doesn’t get you help with what you’re feeling. It’s better to get through our teens together.


“WOW!” If there is one thing we’ve learned from this 14-year-old is that age doesn’t matter – everyone has abilities and it’s up to everyone to use their talents to speak up and be true to themselves.


Listen to her newest single here: https://hyperurl.co/nui2ul

Keep an eye out for MNet’s series Reyka, to be released in June this year!