In a world of libations that mesmerise the senses, three exceptional spirits stand out as truly indulgent: Bisquit & Dubouché, SKYY Infusions Vodka and BULLDOG London Dry Gin. Each one possesses its own unique charm, tantalising the tastebuds and redefining the art of mixology.

Let’s embark on a journey of discovery through these elixirs, unveiling the intriguing concoctions they inspire.


[divider]Bisquit & Dubouché V.S.O.P.[/divider]

Hailing from the storied vineyards of Cognac, France, Bisquit & Dubouché V.S.O.P. exudes elegance and tradition. Made almost exclusively of four crus – Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fin Bois and Bon Bois. This timeless Cognac reveals a symphony of flavours, boasting dried fruits, hints of vanilla and gentle floral notes that dance harmoniously on the palate. It is the epitome of sophistication, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Your V.S.O.P. drinking experience can only be described as smooth elegance whether you are a novice or connoisseur.


Recommended mixes

Classic Old Fashioned – Embrace the timeless charm of Bisquit & Dubouché by savouring it neat or on the rocks. Let the complexities unfold as you relish the spirit’s pure essence.

The Cognac Sazerac – Elevate your mixology prowess by crafting the perfect Cognac Sazerac. Muddle a sugar cube with a dash of bitters, add Bisquit & Dubouché and finish with an absinthe rinse for a truly mesmerising experience.

The French Connection – Embrace the spirit of France by pairing Bisquit & Dubouché with amaretto liqueur. The almondy sweetness complements the Cognac’s smoothness, delivering a velvety and sophisticated after-dinner delight.


[divider]SKYY Vodka Infusions Pineapple Flavour[/divider]

An ideal companion for those seeking a touch of the exotic in their cocktails. Prepare to be whisked away to tropical paradises as you encounter the vibrance of this Infusion with the essence of succulent pineapples, offering a refreshing and revitalising experience with every sip. Crafted using a delicate infusion process, this is the perfect harmony of smoothness and character.


Recommended mixes

Pineapple Mojito – Combine SKYY Vodka Infusions Pineapple Flavour with muddled mint leaves, lime juice and a dash of simple syrup. Top it off with soda water and you have an invigorating and tropical twist on the classic Mojito.

Island Breeze – Mix this delightful pineapple-infused vodka with cranberry juice and a splash of grapefruit juice. Serve it over ice with a pineapple slice garnish for a beach-inspired libation that will transport you to distant shores.


[divider]BULLDOG London Dry Gin[/divider]

Bold and unapologetically audacious, BULLDOG London Dry Gin prowls with a unique blend of 12 botanicals from across the globe. Every sip is an adventure in itself, including traditional juniper berries, citrus zest and a touch of exotic dragon eye and poppy seeds. It is a gin that celebrates adventure and dares you to explore the depths of its intriguing flavours.


Recommended mixes

Bulldog G&T with a Twist – Combine BULLDOG Gin with premium tonic water, garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of grapefruit. This contemporary G&T will leave a lasting impression.

The Wanderlust Martini – Stir together BULLDOG Gin, elderflower liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a touch of honey syrup. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist. The result is a cocktail that ignites the wanderlust in your soul.


From the sophistication of Cognac to the tropical allure of pineapple-infused vodka and the audacity of London Dry Gin, these three spirits epitomise the art of fine craftsmanship. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in meticulously crafted cocktails, they are sure to send your spirits soaring. So mix your favourite and say cheers to the pursuit of taste and adventure!