The rugged face of Saint Blaize towers over the Mossel Bay coastline. The cliff on which The Cape Saint Blaize Lighthouse has steadied her location for many years.

The story of Cape Saint Blaize Gin starts there – circa the moment the Portuguese docked in South Africa. It is there, in the quiet town, where waves roll, break and crash against the rocks – a salty-blended, cooling cocktail on ice. These vistas stir a multitude of emotions and it’s these that are infused in each individually forged bottle.

Many may consider the Western Cape to be a vineyard haven but the friendly folk of Mossel Bay will tell you that South Africa just crafts better alcohol overall. Saint Blaize introduces your senses to a tasteful spirit that evokes the essence of a time long since passed.

This alluring trio of gins elevate your drinking experience whether you’re a ‘Classic’, ‘Floristic’ or ‘Oceanic’ gin connoisseur.

The exquisite flavours in each tickled more than just our senses. The first sip introduces you to three unique stories cloaked in tan, black and white. The Floristic’s soft bouquet takes you on a smooth and aromatic journey while the Classic is fresh, fragrant and full-bodied. The Oceanic’s mix of everything sea and salty transported us right to the ocean’s edge. These gins are about an experience in every sip and the journey continues with a Gin Masterclass experience.

In these sessions, you can bottle your own story to be shared with those you hold dearest. Speaking of bottles, a moment needs to be taken to appreciate these uniquely handcrafted bottles. From the very soil which grounds us, these are handmade with true precision. Every element of Cape Saint Blaize is divinely guided by nature.

The truest way to experience the story of Cape Saint Blaize is to order yourself a bottle or three. Mix in some great company and sip and savour these glorious artisanal gins whilst creating your own moments to be remembered.