Having a personal stylist and shopper is something usually reserved for A-list celebs. Well gents, I have a secret for you. With Crate|ov Clothes, South Africa’s first online clothing service for men, you can have your own personal stylist at your fingertips. How brilliant is that?

I came across this awesome concept in my Insta stories, checked out their website and signed up in just 7min. I’ve always tended to play it safe with my style and the brands I choose, but one of the biggest pluses of Crate|ov Clothes is that your personal stylist will seek out options you would never have considered. Feeling particularly adventurous, I selected “Bring it on” under my preferences.

Even though the clothing is bought from retail outlets, the experience is made to measure. Being a tall and slim guy, I’ve always struggled with the fit of my shirts and pants. I was excited to receive a Crate where all my fashion needs were considered. This also saves me from going shop to shop to find these items, which can often be a very frustrating experience.

Crate|ov Clothes is a registered essential service and truly speaks to “styled convenience without the hassle of shopping” which is something particularly appealing in the times we are living in. A simple shopping trip is no longer as quick and convenient as it used to be. Your stylist does all the browsing and shopping for you and the team takes every precaution to ensure your safety. All these measures are outlined on crateovclothes.com. Each Crate also comes with a face mask and the proceeds from these go to Jo’burg Child Welfare. So not only can you look good, you can feel good too!

With free styling, free delivery and free returns, you really can’t go wrong. You only pay for what you keep and the team will arrange collection of the items you decide are not quite your style. Being able to “Try before you Buy” is also really appealing because you get to avoid having to try on your chosen items in a cramped fitting room (which most retail stores no longer allow). Take your time with each item in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to be sure that the clothes you choose look and feel just right.

I’m so looking forward to the arrival of my first Crate and can’t wait to see what the awesome Abby has put together just for me. Keep an eye on our social platforms to share in my experience and follow Crate|ov Clothes on Facebook @crateovclothes, Instagram @crateovclothes, Twitter @crateov and LinkedIn @crate-ov-clothes.