There’s a new kid on the block in Cape Town, well many blocks in fact and boy-oh-boy are they making themselves known. The Epic Coffee Company is making cappuccino waves with their hip and stylish barista. Dressed to the nines with his post-boy cap, suspenders and let’s not forget his funky Epic socks, Collen is always willing to help and serve with a smile. On the warmer days he is still seen dancing to tunes in jean shorts and a baseball cap as he pours you your favourite cup.


From start to finish Epic has thought of it all. The coffee will rev you up and totally rocks your socks. It’s not just coffee, it’s an experience. The music immediately lifts your mood and gets you grooving as you approach the specially designed layout of the bike stands. There’s a serving area and even a place to sit and enjoy your coffee. A real Epic Coffee community has been created where people use the time between sips to catch up with friends and family. Different groups of people come together in Epic’s happy space to sip and be social.

A latte, flat white, americano and even my personal favourite the cortado – Collen will make you your dream cup of coffee.



The happiness in each Epic cup can be heard, felt and of course tasted. Epic Coffee can be found on a Saturday and Sunday between 06:00 and 11:00 on the Spes Bona Road just outside Durbanville.

They will soon be extending their frothy waves throughout Cape Town.

Catch you there soon, I am going for another cuppa!