If you feel like you’ve stepped through a time machine every time you scroll through Instagram or the fashion pages of a magazine, you’re not alone.

Fashion has taken a nostalgic turn, with some of the biggest styles from past decades (like bucket hats, panel tops and mom jeans) re-entering the mainstream and taking over our fashion scene.

But what’s not to love? These staples have become some of the most popular items to date, and even more so, evolved over the years and taken on new designs, styles and transformed into even better versions of the original once-loves item.

MoreThanGood Mag caught up with Hardley Matlwa-Seleka, Founder of South African Kasi Fashion brand, Atlantic “Apara O Tlale”, who shares 5 fashion items which have survived the test of time and evolved to become something even better with their unique features and qualities.


[divider]HIGH WAISTED JEANS – dating back to the 80’s[/divider]

Whilst jeans have been a popular feat for many years, the style of denim jeans has over the years changes dramatically. High waisted jeans have been back in style for a couple of years now, and we aren’t seeing them go away any time soon – a big yes from us at Atlantic “Apara O Tlale”. These pants continue to be popular throughout the ages and they continue to evolve to fit within the current fashion standards. The high-waisted jeans trend was sparked in the 80s, and can be a smart or casual fashion staple, matched with a trendy blouse, t-shirt or even a smart pair of heels.


[divider]GOLF SHIRT – originating in the 1920’s[/divider]

This item of clothing can be worn with a pair of jeans with sneakers or heels. It’s one of the most loved clothing in our society that brings out the uniqueness and can be matched up with anything – even a skirt or track pants on a nice Saturday afternoon. A timeless essential, ideal for any occasion – whether in a boardroom or a day out in the golf course. Simple but significant because after-all, dressing well is a form of good manners.

[divider]GOLF DRESS – a product of the 1950’s[/divider]

This is one of the signature line for Atlantic Apara O Tlale – The Golf Dress. Our stylish and comfortable ladies golf dresses can be worn on any occasion; whether a day at the golf course, meeting up for drinks with the ladies, running errands looking all stylish and comfortable, or on a Friday to work with a nice pair of sneakers or even match with your better-half in his golf shirt. The dress can be worn with a Cap to create a more relaxed and elegant look. Style for any woman’s inner goddess.

[divider]HOODIE DRESS – modern day attire[/divider]
The hoodie dress is sure to heat up your winter! This chic dress with discrete side pockets, soft fleece lining and corded drawstrings can be worn with any either a pair of heels or sneakers. It’s custom-made with split panel arms to give it a bit of style and uniqueness. Whether you prefer it loose or the perfect-fit, you can still accessorise it with a stylish fanny bag and the Atlantic Apara O Tlale branding on the chest will still stands out. A true style indulgence
[divider]CAP – early 1900s[/divider]

Classic baseball caps are always a fail-safe option; they play up your look and add life to any outfit. Complete your look with one of our fine section of custom-made caps Simple style to match your style.

Atlantic “Apara O Tlale” is a 100% black-owned brand and a start-up retail establishment that proudly sells fashionable clothing for men and women between the age generations of 18-50 years.

A proudly South African premium Kasi brand, founded in 2019 by Hardley Matlwa-Seleka, the vision behind the brand was to explore the best quality clothing which would ultimately spark innovation and creativity with a local feel.

With a valuable touch of local flair, the brand offers premium styling, as well as quality and value to consumers nationwide, with a breadth of items including, men’s and women’s golfers, crew-necks, sweaters, sweater dresses, hoodies and hoodie dresses.

Find out more at https://shopatlantic.co.za