The Embassy of Ireland in South Africa together with the Long March to Freedom and Century City are bringing the St Patrick’s Day Global Greening initiative to Cape Town.

For the first time in the history of the Global Greening initiative, 100 life-size bronze sculptures of South African and international icons such as Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu will be illuminated in a green light to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

“The Embassy is proud to mark our national day in this very special manner, by illuminating in green the heroes of the South African struggle whose courage and sacrifice inspired a generation of Irish people to stand with South Africa in its struggle for a democratic and just future,” says Ambassador of Ireland to South Africa, Fionnuala Gilsenan.

Situated in Century City, Cape Town, the Long March to Freedom is one of South Africa’s most unique exhibitions portraying a monumental procession of life-size bronze statues. The individual bronze artworks are a comprehensive statement of South Africa’s pride in the country’s diverse history and tells the story of South Africa’s 350-year struggle for freedom and democracy.

“By collaborating with The Long March to Freedom and the Embassy of Ireland through this creative initiative, we’re encouraged that a spotlight – figuratively and literally in this instance – is cast upon the cultural abundance we’re creating in Century City. We’re delighted that our spot in Cape Town is receiving international exposure in this instance. May this be the first of many collaborations, says John Chapman, Chairman of the Century City Arts Foundation.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Embassy of Ireland for this significant event”, says Dali Tambo, CEO of the National Heritage Project Company, owners of Long March to Freedom.

“The more than 150-year relationship between our two countries is underpinned by the universal, noble and humanitarian values displayed in the lives of the individuals depicted in bronze in the procession.”

Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening initiative, now in its eleventh year, has seen world-famous sites including New York’s Empire State Building, London’s Trafalgar Square Gardens and Rome’s Colosseum light in green to mark St. Patrick’s Day. The Global Greening initiative provides a unique opportunity to highlight the world’s most iconic sites and is a reminder of Ireland’s global connections through celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick. It is a great time for Ireland to engage with new and long-standing partners, friends and community organisations around the world.

The greening of the Long March to Freedom will run from 17 to 20 March, 2021. Patrons interested in viewing the virtual greening of the Long March to Freedom should visit the Embassy of Ireland in South Africa’s Facebook page, or the Long March to Freedom’s Facebook page.