Ahead of celebrating Africa Day, Coca-Cola is dropping its newest Coca-Cola® Creation, Coca-Cola® Wozzaah, a symphony of flavours inspired by the beating heart of African culture. Through digital experiences, coupled by the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola® Wozzaah, fans will be transported through the continent of Africa, experiencing the electrifying flavours and expressive culture of each unique country.

Coca-Cola® Wozzaah is crafted to embody the pulsating rhythm and dynamic energy of Africa. The new flavour provides he refreshing Coca-Cola® taste fans know and love, remixed with vibrant, tropical flavours inspired by Africa. Its captivating pulse and innovative blend seamlessly fuse a kaleidoscope of flavours for fans to enjoy, found nowhere else but in Africa. The design of each can of Coca-Cola® Wozzaah boasts contemporary typography and bursts of vivid color that captures the dynamic rhythm of African culture, infused with the heightened expression of the continent’s boundless creativity.

More than just a beverage, Coca-Cola® Wozzaah pays tribute to the energy of the continent, recognizing the influence Africa has across all aspects of culture around the world. To celebrate this cultural resonance, Coca-Cola® Wozzaah invites fans to join in the vibrancy and immerse themselves in a series of exhilarating physical and digital experiences. These experiences will be brought to life through dynamic collaborations with trailblazing artists who embody a profound connection to the essence of Africa’s creativity, igniting a cultural renaissance that resonates with fans worldwide.

As the ambassador of this new Coca-Cola® Creation, Coca-Cola is partnering with global music sensation and proud Eswatini citizen, Uncle Waffles, who will play a pivotal role in bringing Coca-Cola® Wozzaah to life. Renowned for her electrifying performances and unwavering commitment to celebrating African culture, Uncle Waffles promises to infuse the Coca-Cola® Wozzaah experience with unparalleled energy and celebrations that can be connected to fans across the world.

On May 23rd, Coca-Cola® Creations and Uncle Waffles are joining forces for an exclusive concert in Johannesburg, bringing to life the world of Coca-Cola® Wozzaah for fans to immerse themselves in. The event will surprise and delight local spectators with a special pop-up concert by Uncle Waffles, followed by the grand unveiling of Coca-Cola® Wozzaah.

“We are thrilled to introduce Coca-Cola® Wozzaah, a new Coca-Cola® Creation that not only celebrates the rich tapestry of African culture but also embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity,” said Silke Bucker, Senior Director, Coca-Cola Category Lead, Africa. “Partnering with Uncle Waffles adds an authentic touch to this exciting launch, and we can’t wait to see how her dynamic presence will elevate the Coca-Cola® Wozzaah experience, creating unforgettable moments for our consumers worldwide.”

Accessible through the Creations Hub, Coca-Cola® Creations is inviting fans to experience its interactive online experience that amps up African creativity through artists reshaping the global music scene. Hosted by Uncle Waffles, each channel features audiovisual elements inspired by distinct spaces within South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, and Nigeria. Fans will be able to digitally explore the unique interactive experience and engage with social elements including customizable Snapchat lenses. Fans can access the digital experience by visiting https://www.coca-cola.com/za/en/offerings/creations/wozzaah.

To help further build the world of Coca-Cola® Wozzaah and highlight the cultural influences of Africa, Coca-Cola® is collaborating with WafflesnCream popularly known as waf., Nigeria’s first skateboarding company, to create exclusive merchandise available for purchase in select markets. waf. merchandise is available for purchase internationally and can be ordered by visiting WAFFLESNCREAM – waf.Online

“The latest Coca-Cola® Creation celebrates the vibrancy and influence of Africa, immersing consumers in the limitless energy of the continent,” said Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company. “This latest expression and collaboration with incredible African artists, designers and voices is what Coca-Cola® Creations is all about – creating ‘Real Magic’ for our fans through cultural connections.”

Coca-Cola® Wozzaah is available to purchase for a limited time only in select markets including South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, and Morocco.

For more information about Coca-Cola® Creations, visit www.coca-cola.com/creations