Artist Marelise Jacobs presents her first Online Art Exhibition titled Night Drawings

The exhibition will be open until the 16th of December 2021


The Night Drawings series was inspired by a social media post Jacobs came across one night in 2019, about the artist Gustav Klimt and how heavily he was influenced by traditional Japanese art. This drove Jacobs to revisit her passion for drawing. She picked up her art utensils after a long hiatus and started drawing. She then posted her work on social media and what started off as one drawing, became more, by the sheer demand of friends and family who commented on how they were looking forward to her next drawing. This was the very reason she decided to continue, and it just so happened that the first few drawings were in this very Japanese style that influenced Klimt.

These drawings gave her the chance to try different styles within a limited time frame, using household items, various objects, photographs, flights of fancy and pure imagination. Marelise tried to create a wide variety of drawings using mainly watercolour pencils.

“I decided to keep on doing the series / challenge because I actually started looking forward to the weekends when I could draw. I also wanted to see how many different styles I could create, I wanted to challenge myself. But mainly, I wanted to start drawing again and not neglect it; there was a space of about ten years when I hardly did any drawings. It is always an activity I enjoy and it helps me escape the stresses of life.” says the artist

Now, in December 2021, after more than two years of creating her drawings, Marelise selected thirty of her favourite artworks to go on display as part of the Night Drawings Online Exhibition.

This idea was also sparked by requests from friends asking to purchase her work and who encouraged her to hold this exhibition.

“For me, it is how someone does something that often inspires me more than what they actually created. I am hoping to inspire others and to bring some joy through my art.” says Jacobs.

The art exhibition is currently live and will run until the 16th of December 2021. A quarter of the proceeds will be divided and donated to three animal shelters across Gauteng; CLAW – Community Led Animal Rescue, Kitty and Puppy Haven and The 9th Day.

Everyone who purchases a piece of art will be entered into a lucky draw to win one of two festive gifts (8 x 340ml Wild Berry Ale or a set of 4 Handmade place mats).

The winner will be picked randomly in a lucky draw after the exhibition date, and will be announced on the 17th of December 2021 via social media and contacted directly.


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