… and 5 more reasons season 2 is a must-watch


The second season of M-Net’s primetime crime drama Reyka is hitting screens 11 January 2024 at 20:00. Created by an award-winning team, it features a storyline that will dwell in the mind long after the credits roll.

Here are 6 reasons to tune in:

It shows Durban like viewers have never seen it before

Reyka season one showcased the city’s sweeping cane fields. Season two takes place against its harbour and other notable landmarks, including uShaka Marine World.

The series made use of extensive VFX to accurately recreate the ships in Durban harbour, with some scenes filmed in the Port Natal Maritime Museum. Others were recreated using CGI.

One scene originally had Reyka confronting a crocodile in the script, but when production came across a seal that could act on demand, it was decided she would encounter this talented marine mammal instead.


It’s made by two powerhouse directors

Catherine Cooke and Rea Rangaka are at the helm again for the second season.

Cooke’s portfolio includes The Girl from St. Agnes and iNumber Number. The winner of multiple film awards, her directing style is eclectic and flexible, with a penchant for dynamic collaborative projects. She has a talent for fast-paced action and dark drama, balancing commercial appeal with critical acclaim.

Rangaka has established himself as an actor, writer, and director in both local and international film and television. His work on The Republic and iNumber Number garnered him several awards and his oeuvre showcases a unique blend of creativity, social awareness, and a passion for storytelling.

Dynamic new characters

Season 2 introduces a host of new faces, including Samkelo Ndlovu (Adulting) playing Detective Ayanda Jali, who becomes Reyka’s friend and confidant. This season also features Pallance Dladla (DAM) as Zee, a social justice vlogger and internet personality, and other new faces like Frank Rautenbach (Summertide), Lemogang Tsipa (Shaka Ilembe), and Sello Maake KaNcube (Pulse of the Nation).


A profound look into Reyka Gama

The season delves deeper into Reyka’s past and her ongoing struggle with the trauma of her kidnapping by Angus Speelman, her childhood abductor, portrayed by acclaimed British actor Iain Glen. Fans of Reyka are in for another intense ride with this haunted but resilient protagonist.


Global appeal

Reyka is world-class entertainment that’s been acknowledged globally. Not only was it nominated for two International Emmys, but it opened the 60th Monte-Carlo Television Festival and has been sold in over 148 territories around the world.

The characters are thoroughly researched

Head writer Rohan Dickinson, who’s been nominated for an International Emmy Award, did several sessions with a psychologist to fine-tune the authenticity of the show’s characters.

“Every month we would get bills for therapy – which was the time they blocked off to discuss the characters and how and why they behave it a certain way,” says Dickinson. “This deep understanding of their psychological makeup is a hallmark of Reyka, and we are sure it contributes to its veracity and depth.”

Dickinson holds a PhD in Creative Writing and also created, wrote and produced M-Net’s Desert Rose.


Plunge into Durban’s depths on 11 January 2024 on M-Net (DStv channel 101), at 20:00. Reyka will also live-stream on DStv Stream and will be available on DStv Catch Up after broadcast. Visit the M-Net Website and join the conversation on TwitterInstagram, TikTok and Facebook using #Reyka.