It’s not every day that you get to meet the masters behind some of the world’s best chocolate innovations. I was lucky enough to visit the Lindt Chocolate Studio for a sneak peek at the new Fruit Sensation range which has just launched in South Africa. These are a selection of dark chocolate nibbles with soft, fruity centres. These bite-sized indulgences mark the first foray into dark chocolate snacking for the Swiss Lindt Master Chocolatiers.

Mathias Schenker, Marketing Director of Lindt & Sprüngli South Africa, says that Lindt saw an opportunity to combine fruitiness with the finest, dark Lindt chocolate and this lead to this softly filled chocolate range.

The morning of Sensation tasting was a true chocolate lover’s dream. Dedicated work benches, with their own Lindt Master Chocolatier, were set up for each of the three new nibbles. We were invited to dip soft fruity jelly centres into melted Lindt chocolate. Each tasting was also paired with a delicate macaron specially prepared to compliment the Sensation being sampled. The Orange and Grapefruit came out tops for me and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

After an incredibly successful launch in selected European markets, South Africa is one of the first countries to introduce this new range of dark Lindt chocolate with a heart of three fruity purée fillings.

Fruit Sensation Raspberry & Cranberry: Beneath its dark chocolate outer layer lies a soft heart of intense notes of raspberry, married with the subtly acidic notes of cranberry.

Fruit Sensation Blueberry & Acai: The sweetness of blueberry and the exoticism of acai combined to create an irresistibly tasty centre, enrobed by the finest Lindt dark chocolate.

Fruit Sensation Orange & Grapefruit: Bitter and sweet pair up to create an irresistibly complex and intense fruity centre. The sweetness of orange is enhanced by the hint of acidity found in pink grapefruit  and expertly completed by a Lindt dark chocolate casing.

Thank you Lindt for allowing us behind the scenes to learn more about these delicious treats.

The Lindt Fruit Sensation range is available exclusively at Woolworths and Lindt Chocolate Boutiques from 23 April 2018. A 150g resealable bag will retail for a recommended selling price of R64.95.

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Photos courtesy of OFYT.