Most of us, if not all of us have the New Year’s resolution to make our lives healthier in at least one way. Some of us choose the workout goals, some to achieve the Discovery rewards every week and with that we also try our ‘absolute best’ to eat healthier.
If you are like me, you have tried and succeeded or failed or both in having a health conscious diet to try and shed those holiday k’s. If you’re not like me and you can eat healthy every day and shy away from temptation around every corner, I am in awe and commend you on your strength and willpower.

To aid in this task of healthy living, I have looked back on my previous journeys (and the recent attempts) and found some pointers which may be helpful to your 2019 health-experience.


  1. Don’t start on a Monday. I say this since we know that Mondays are hard enough without the extra pressure of a “diet”. With that being said, don’t start on a Thursday either – we all know the weekend’s temptations all too well.


  1. Start with small changes to your diet. Yes, a lot of people go cold turkey on all the unhealthy (but ridiculously yummy) food, some can sustain it, but ask yourself: Will I be able to do this for the next 30 or 40 years?


  1. You guessed it! Cliché, but it needs to become a lifestyle. You’re not sprinting, this is a marathon people! I have been on a few diets or eating plans if you will, and every time I end up with the same results – lose a lot of weight fast, keep it up for a while, then life happens and I pick up some (if not more) of the weight I lost.


  1. Have a support system. Be it a gym buddy, someone who will eat healthy with you, or just a friend being encouraging, it helps when you have a little extra motivation on the days you want to scarf an entire tub of ice cream.


  1. Don’t deny yourself! The key with healthy eating is not just portion control, but also moderation. Have two Oreos instead of four (horrible, I know). Having a treat isn’t bad, and we all know one a craving takes hold, that little rascal clings for dear life. Don’t deny, but also don’t binge.


  1. On the binge train – limit alcohol. Even whiskey and soda has sugar. I’m not saying don’t drink ever, just similar to the treat situation, enjoy responsibly, don’t binge.


  1. Isolation is sometimes difficult, but try to limit social situations until you have settled into your eating regime and will-power is all systems go. The last thing you want to do is feel like a failure.


  1. It’s okay to fail! Don’t be too hard on yourself.


One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to eating healthy, we don’t always know what to cook, which diet to follow or which is the healthiest. It’s important to take your health challenges into account when deciding on what and how to eat. Myself, for example, I am insulin resistant, as well as lactose and gluten intolerant. Basically I should be a vegan, but I can still add meat. Here’s a few general meal tips to get you healthy in a time effective and delicious way.


  1. Substitute ingredients. If you want to have curry and rice, use brown or wild rice. General rule of thumb for grains, keep them whole wheat. The less it’s processed, the healthier for you


  1. Eat your veggies child! And yes potato is technically a veg, it counts as a starch. Also try to eat them as raw as possible. A lot of times when we cook veggies, the nutrients dissolve in the water.


  1. Carb cut-off time at 2pm. Since you aren’t as active during the night, it’s harder on your body to put the energy to use, and therefore it gets stored as fat,


  1. Cook in quantity. Most of us have heard about meal prepping – well, it works. Whip up a big batch of smoothies and cook 2 delicious sheet pan meals, and your week is basically sorted.


  1. Cook for you! Yes, there are recipes filling up Pinterest and any other site, but it’s no use if you won’t eat it. That’s why I personally find it easier to use recipes I know and simply substitute ingredients.


The easiest way to start is to substitute only one meal a day for something healthier. Build the routine with just one meal and gradually substitute and remove foods as you go along. I partnered with Plated Convenience to start me on the healthy track. Plated Convenience produces healthy, hearty and delicious meals which are easy to grab and go for lunch at the office or to heat for a quick, yet sustainable dinner.

To start off, they provided me with 21 cooked meals – ranging from Alfredo to Ostrich Veg Medley, accompanied with delectable sweet treats. Looks like I’ll be trying this healthy living once more, starting with Plated Convenience and their 21 day Starter Pack.


Keep an eye out for my interview with the founder of Plated Convenience, Willbert Kinnear, as well as my review on the meals.

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