Toronto Fashion Week 2018 | Day One

Toronto Fashion Week 2018 is well underway! Like so many other lovers of fashion, I’m sat behind the screen of my mobile devices waiting to see what trends are ahead of us. For top designers, there isn’t a better way to kick off a Monday than to hit the runway with new and innovative looks. Let’s dive into the details that made Day One, February 5th, of Toronto Fashion week truly amazing!

The Environmentally Friendly

In today’s society, there is a big demand for vegan clothing. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where wearing genuine animal fur isn’t justifiable. However, there are other ethics that are playing a role now. As consumers and designers, we are concerned for the wellbeing of animals. Now, we are focusing on even more environmentally friendly apparel. This fashion week, I learned about the designer brand Triarchy. Triarchy is a luxury denim brand brought to life by brother and sister, Adam and Ania Taubenfligel. Their goal was to be able to produce denim that isn’t only flawless, but also eco-friendly by using recycled water. They’ve saved a whopping 1,000,000 gallons of water! As we all know, Cape Town, South Africa will be the first major/modern city to run completely dry of water in April of this year. It is so important, especially now, to save on these resources so our world can heal and prosper for many years after we are gone. Triarchy put together fashion and ethics, which to me, is all the more reason to indulge in expensive high fashion.

The Classic: Black and White

In 2018, I’m still following the timeless trend of black and white. Wearing such a simple color combo seems like a boring thought. However, it’s far from boring when incorporated into grandeur fabrics and patterns. UNTTLD pulled off a stunning collection of womenswear whilst experimenting with lines and shapes that compliment a woman’s figure beautifully. We all love a great design, but we love fabulous design paired with a great fit even better!

The Favorite

Finally, moving onto my favorite show of Day One. I am absolutely blown away by the work of Narces. Nikki Wirthensohn Yassemi is the designer and creative director behind this gorgeous collection of special occasion dresses and gowns. The initial thoughts that came to mind after her show was a mix between Black Swan On The Runway to angelic bride versus gothic bride. Although that might sound as though I’m making a mockery, I’m definitely not. That is my kind of vibe! The delicate and thoughtful designs illustrated in this collection didn’t fall short for what you should expect to see debuted on a catwalk during one of the most important weeks in Fashion.

Day One of Toronto Fashion Week was nothing but a success in my eyes! I am over-the-top eager to see what designs are exposed within the coming days of Toronto Fashion Week. It has only just begun!