A unique package for the original duo. Vergenoegd Löw’s Adam & Eve 2019 Limited Merlot Collector’s Edition is the perfect wine lover’s festive gift. On first look we almost didn’t want to open the collectors box, but of course wine is made to be enjoyed so that was simply not an option.

Inside is just as much of a visual treat. The two bottles are exquisite, both in shape, label and craftsmanship. After reluctantly peeling off the labels, two all glass bottles were revealed. A stunning duality in design. These are now gorgeous new fixtures in our kitchen and when we have guests over.Of course, packaging is one thing, but the real test of a wine lies in the taste and what it delivers.  We first tried the Adam which a young, easy-drinking and modern take on a traditional Merlot, with flavours of ripe plums and berries.  On the nose this wine seemed a little sharp with a very strong lingering tone but on first taste it was anything but. The berry promise certainly delivered making it a merlot to be enjoyed at any time of the day.  As red wine enthusiasts, we would like to see what happens to this one if left for three to five years as it has the potential to age into a gorgeous full bodied merlot.

Onto the Eve, lighter and gentler on the palate, with notes of tropical fruits and a subtle hint of citrus and lemon zest. This is a lively, delightful white, interestingly enough also made from flesh of pure merlot grapes and is packed with tropical fruit undertones. The nose is superbly acidic and promises a good smack of flavour which it definitely delivers. This is a very easy drinking wine best served ice cold to truly bring out all its notes. You could enjoy this with a nice piece of fish or chicken or even just take it down to the poolside on a hot summer’s day to sip under the summer sun. It is crisp, refreshing and most importantly satisfying.

Overall these two wines compliment each other very well and make a delightful gift for the festive season.  Any wine lover should add a couple of these sets to their collection, well maybe even a few just to allow Adam to mature into a strong man and to enjoy Eve at any given opportunity.