Meet My Kitchen Rules SA contestants Tim and Shereez who are now competing in the challenge phase of the local cooking competition for a whopping R1 million cash prize.

During the challenge phase of the competition, the duo have to compete alongside 6 other teams in a series of challenges along the Garden Route to impress celebrity judges Chef David Higgs and musician/home-cook J’Something.

Tim is a social media service consultant while Shereez is a radio presenter on Kingfisher FM. They are parents to a beautiful little boy named Hunter and entered the competition to be exposed to different types of foods and flavours and to grow their technical ability in the kitchen.

What makes this journey different for the pair however is that for Tim and Shereez, food is more than just a delicious, nutritious meal to fuel your body. For them, food is a love language and a manner in which they can express themselves.

More than Food caught up with them to see how their journey is going thus far:


How do you feel about your MKRSA experience thus far?

We are loving the adventure of MKRSA, it’s been challenging and stretching but in the best way, incredibly rewarding. Putting ourselves out there has been a huge step of faith!


Did you think that you would make it to the challenge phase?

Initially Tim said, ‘we give it our all and if it doesn’t work, at least we have super professional aprons and an incredible set of knives lol’ … but after our instant restaurant, I think the bug bit and like ‘athletes’ you want to compete and take it to the next phase. So we were full steam ahead, eyes focused on our Instant Restaurant taking us through to the challenge phase!


What has been the most difficult element to deal with on your journey?

The toughest thing has been seeing people leave. You sit around a table together, get to know everyone and the next minute part of the joy has left! We get that it’s the competition but the reality is sometimes tougher to deal with.


Do you think you stand a strong chance at winning the R1 million?

We think that we do, however, all we can do is our best and hope that our bad days (you know the ones, where things just don’t work out) don’t  fall on a challenge day !


What will you do with the money if you do win?

We’ll set money aside for our little boy’s future. Then, we’d like to open up a little bistro, maybe even a ,loungy, fun pizza place where people can come together, meet others and feel safe and welcomed.


Who are you rooting for, other than yourselves?

It would have to be Abraham and Michelle and Azraa and Waven.


In your opinion, what is you cutting edge in the competition?

For us I think it would be a few things, we make fun a priority, we are also constantly willing to learn awesome news things and unlearn bad habits, this makes us adaptable and teachable. Key characteristics for us to constantly grow, and I think that is what gives us our cutting edge .


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