As the sun dipped below the Jozi skyline, the Mzansi Food and Drink Show came alive with flavour and sound, with the Windhoek 100% Real experience at its heart. The Windhoek Sit and Sip area buzzed with anticipation – a space filled with conversation and the golden, 100% real beer that is Windhoek’s signature.

The Windhoek Chef’s Table was a delicious journey where SA Chefs Association’s expertise really shone. Lager-inspired Shisanyama Plates arrived, a fusion of traditional barbecue and Windhoek’s crisp taste. The Beef Ribs, succulent and rich, were a testament to the art of pairing food with the perfect beer that prides itself on the simplicity of barley, water, hops and nothing else.

Amidst the throng of food enthusiasts, the Windhoek Fine Dining Table stood as a marker of gourmet indulgence. Each course was a conversation starter, all while savouring the 100% real Windhoek taste.

We sipped and savoured these meaningful moments which were captured and added to the Windhoek Family Tree – a testament to shared experiences and genuine connections.

The atmosphere was as smooth and chilled as the draughts and lagers that flowed without end. The DJ’s slick beats were joined by soulful saxophone melodies, creating a soundtrack to a day where every sip and bite was a real celebration.

As the day continued, it was clear that Windhoek is the perfect companion to life’s most flavourful moments.

Cheers to a beer where every sip is a journey, every meal a discovery and every moment 100% real.