For most people, the kitchen is more than a place for cooking and keeping foodstuffs. The atmosphere of the whole house depends a lot on the atmosphere here, so the arrangement of the kitchen deserves special attention and care. Each homeowner has different priorities and interests, but hardly anyone would deny the importance of choosing the proper cutting board.

As a premium kitchen accessory, which is not worth saving, customized board from A&E Millwork will not only be one of the main tools for cooking gourmet masterpieces but also become an aesthetic attraction to the kitchen, making your home unique and personalized. Thanks to the unsurpassed quality of its products, this manufacturer has become the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Cutting Boards in the World 2020.

A&E Millwork is a renowned home remodeling company based in New York. It was established in 2005, and from the first day of the company’s existence, it was based on client loyalty. Offering exquisite services of upscale residential and office remodeling, the team specializes in a wide range of interior and exterior works. Each client of the company is treated individually to provide them with the best results according to the highest standards of work. Such an attentive and responsible approach helped A&E Millwork quickly become one of New York’s leading architectural millwork services providers.

One of the company’s distinguishing features is its elegant combination of innovative design practice, cost-effective product development, experienced installation, and its commitment to long-term customer relations. A&E Millwork offers comprehensive services and solutions in the area of milling by combining advanced milling technology and the principles of old-school craftsmanship. The manufacturer applies the same principles to produce premium quality cutting boards.

The luxury cutting boards from A&E Millwork will certainly become the most eye-catching element in the kitchen. The properly chosen board will be an ideal gift for both young families and experienced housewives: the board’s premium quality will be to the taste of anyone who uses it. Thanks to the exclusive design, you can choose a product that will perfectly suit any interior and will add a touch of creativity to the kitchen decoration.

The cutting boards are made of various combinations of natural woods. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts noted the wide range of types of wood used in the manufacture of the boards. Here you will find mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry, red oak, white oak, purple heart, and wenge. Artistic combinations of these woods create amazing colorings and patterns. A&E Millwork cutting boards are solid for longevity. Each board is treated with care and attention as an individual project. The experienced artisans create the finest products by thorough cutting, planning, sanding, and finishing every piece to the perfect touch. The board surface helps to keep the knives sharp: the blade slips between the wood fibers without cutting them and dulling. The boards are covered with beeswax and mineral oil. Each piece has four silicon feet that prevent the cutting board from moving around the surface of the counter and keeping it away from the water, which can damage the wood if exposed to prolonged contact.

A&E Millwork offers maximum customization of the cutting boards according to the customer’s preferences. If you want to have a customized item, you can choose its size and combination of woods from which your unique personal board will be made.