Attention and respect for the past is the key to a prosperous future. The ancient traditions of Levantine cuisine have absorbed the wealth of cultures of several countries, and for many centuries they have been carefully handed down from generation to generation. This cuisine has never lost its relevance, and now you can also enjoy amazing dishes that will take you on a fascinating taste journey into the heart of the Middle East. You can taste this unique experience available at Awani, a modern restaurant that pays homage to the Levantine food art, taking the best of past experiences and creating flavors for the future. And the experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards honor Awani‘s dedication by recognizing the restaurant as the winner in the category of The Best Luxury Dining Experience in Dubai, UAE.


Awani is a modern Oriental restaurant, where visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the most exquisite dishes of the Levant and Armenian cuisine. Every guest is welcomed with the famous Arabian generosity and hospitality. The restaurant’s team creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where authentic home-cooked dishes from expert chefs provide a unique world-class culinary experience.

The restaurant’s chefs use traditional Mediterranean cooking techniques, practiced for centuries, to meet the highest expectations of local and international audiences. Awani’s menu includes popular traditional Middle Eastern dishes along with a variety of world-renowned delicacies. The restaurant’s experienced and creative chefs confirm every day that the unique ability of Levantine cuisine to transform simple ingredients into complex culinary compositions is justified today as much as it was centuries ago.


“On behalf of the entire Awani team, I thank the committee of Luxury Lifestyle Awards for placing us among the best venues in Dubai. We truly strive with all our might to provide an unforgettable culinary experience for our guests, and LLA has brought us a delightful and inspiring winning experience,” said_Manhal Naser.

Awani is located on the second floor of The Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world. In addition to great food, the restaurant welcomes guests with excellent service and gorgeous decor. The atmosphere is made particularly lovely by the stunning view of the famous Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa, which complements the impeccably served food on your table.