In 2020, as the world receded into their homes in a bid to protect themselves and others against the spread of COVID-19, many of our habits and behaviours had to change.

Big brands around the world had to come to the party and help their consumers adjust and make the most of being at home. Among these brands, is Africa’s biggest premium beer brand, Castle Lite, which believes that even when we are restricted, we still deserve to have fun and show up.

The past year prevented us from having social gatherings and going out to party with friends; everything moved online and our toasts became virtual. In 2020, drinks market analysis company, IWSR found that “as people move their drinking and social habits to the online world, social media content and engagement that offers a sense of discovery, community and social giving” is what’s going to matter.

So, this became the new going out; creating moments of authentic yet engaging digital content for audiences around the world to feel connected and not alone.

And in order to cater for this new trend, Castle Lite has just revealed its new 410ml slim can, underpinned by premium design aesthetics and the functionality of celebratory moments in our homes. The new size is primed to bring style to this growing occasion.

The brand says it is excited to introduce this new pack and size format, giving its consumers a much-needed alternative as they continue to create special moments in their homes during the pandemic. The new 410ml is the perfect fit – it fits your fridge, your vibe and your lifestyle.

“We’ve always known that in order to speak to consumers, brands have to meet them where they are; and within the changed environment, that is mostly at home. What’s more, with 20% of beer drinkers indicating that they feel more comfortable with indoor gatherings (GWI), it only made sense for us to create the perfect lifestyle drink fit for staying in the game while being safe at home,” said Castle Lite Brand Director, Silke Bucker.

“People no longer feel that they’re missing out when staying home. Instead, the pandemic has empowered them to embrace their homes more. They are done with boredom, or ‘saving’ their favourite outfit for events, they’re turning their homes into the place to be for themselves and close friends/family. Now, they have the perfect drink size to accompany these moments.” Bucker continued

Castle Lite wants their consumers to stay in the game while staying safe at home.

Make sure to grab the all-new 410ml in liquor stores nationwide, on, and via the Bottles app.